I love her smile i love her hair

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Scene in Color Film Series. PG,95 min. View All Photos View All Videos 2. Tom: You're ridiculous. Your favorite Beatle is Ringo. Summer Finn: Damn right! Ringo's the best. Vance: I've been happily married for 30 years. She's the light that guides me home. Yes, it is from one of our cards. No, someone else wrote it. Doesn't make it less true. McKenzie: Love As long as she's cute and she's willing, right? I'm flexible on the cute. Tom: No! Don't pull that with me! This is not how you treat your friend! Kissing in the copy room? Holding hands in IKEA?

Shower sex? Come on! Friends my balls! Vance: Misery. Loss of Faith. No reason to Live This is perfect for you. No reason to Live. Tom: Do you ever do this, you think back on all the times you've had with someone and you just replay it in your head over and over again and you look for those first s of trouble? Tom: Look, we don't have to put a label on it. That's fine. I get it. But, you know, I just I need some consistency. But, you know, I just, I need some consistency. Summer Finn: I know.

Tom: I need to know that you're not gonna wake up in the morning and feel differently. Summer Finn: And I can't give you that. Nobody can. Rachel Hansen: PMS? Tom: What do you know about PMS? Rachel Hansen: More than you, Tom. McKenzie: Hey, don't you have like 20 cards to write by Friday? Tom: Nope, all done. McKenzie: Really? Well, could you help me with mine? Because I'm running out of ways to say "Congratulations".

So far, I've got: "Congrats", "Good job" and "Well done". Tom: How about But today you get a card. Tom: How about, "Every day you make me proud. McKenzie: Shit, that's good! Tom: I know. Paul: Robin is better than the girl of my dreams. She's real. Summer Finn: You weren't wrong, Tom. You were just wrong about me. Rachel Hansen: Better that you find this out now before you come home and find her in bed with Lars from Norway.

Tom: Who's Lars from Norway? Tom: You know, my friends are all in love with you. You know, it's like we said. Plenty of other fish in the sea. But, uh, those are guppies. Rachel Hansen: [Chuckles] Yeah. Rachel Hansen: Yeah. Rachel Hansen: Look, I know you think she was the one, but I don't.

Now, I think you're just remembering the good stuff. Next time you look back, I, uh, I really think you should look again. Tom: Author's Note: The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Especially you Jenny Beckman. Tom: People don't realize this, but loneliness is underrated. Tom: It's official. I'm in love with Summer. I love her hair. I love her knees. I love how she licks her lips before she talks. I love her heart-shaped birthmark on her neck. I love it when she sleeps. I love her smile. Rachel Hansen: just cause some girl likes the same bizarre crap like you do doesn't make her your soulmate. Rachel Hansen: Just because some girl likes the same bizarre crap like you do doesn't make her your soulmate.

Summer Finn: Save the serious time for tomorrow. Tom: It's off. McKenzie: What? Tom: Me and Summer. McKenzie: Was it ever on? Tom: No, but it could have been in a world where good things happen to me. Paul: Yeah, well that's not really where we live. Tom: i liked this girl i loved her,what she do she took a giant shit on my face, literally. Tom: I liked this girl.. What did she do? She took a giant shit on my face. Tom Hansen: She took a giant shit on my face.

I love her smile i love her hair

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