How to make your man attracted to you

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Medically Reviewed By: Lauren Guilbeault. Sexual attraction is an interesting feeling that may sometimes be difficult to predict or understand. Sometimes, there's instant chemistry, a physical attraction to another person, without you knowing much or anything at all about them. Other times, there is a bit of a pre-existing relationship where sexual attraction begins to develop. Romantic attraction is a very important element in men and women relationships, although experts in psychology today still consider it a complicated topic.

The how and why of getting attracted to people may differ for men and women, and even the simplest or the craziest things can be an element of attraction to women and men alike. For instance, in a study conducted at the University of New South Wales, where researcher had heterosexual men and heterosexual women stare at pictures of 10 men who were either clean-shaven, light stubble, heavy stubble, or on full beards. The women rated the images of the heavy stubble men as the most attractive. There are two classifications of risks- Hunter gatherer risks which are capable of causing potential physical harm, and modern risks which do not necessarily cause harm e.

Examples of Hunter gatherer risks include- mountain biking, skateboarding, rock climbing, swimming in the ocean, training or playing with dangerous animals, etc. Men believe — and rightfully so- that any risk that can inflict potential physical harm to themselves actually means attraction to women. Many women spend a ificant amount of time trying to impress the opposite sex, grab their attention, and hope a guy will find her attractive.

Women go through a rigorous grooming routine, plucking eyebrows, shaving or waxing just about every part of their body with hair, dyeing, cutting, and styling their hair, and then, of course, there's the issue of their personal style and wardrobe choices. Whilst there is only so much you can do to change your looks, there are a of ways through which you can instantly increase how attracted people will be to you whenever they come in contact with you. In considering attraction, what applies to male and female differs. The question of how to attract men- maybe one they already like, or men in general- is always a big topic for women.

When meeting with a guy for the first time, most women are always very conscious about their looks. They take plenty of time looking through their closet selecting the best cloth, what shoe to wear, how to style their hair, and so on. Although these are some of the things a man may notice, it goes beyond just these. Clearly, every man is attracted to different qualities in a woman, and so it is important to make sure you up your game as a lady.

A woman who has successfully mastered the art of being irresistible to men is one who is amazingly attractive and is almost too tempting to resist. When a woman knows she is irresistible and attractive, this is a great confidence booster and men feel a great deal of attraction to women who are confident.

There are lots of things that make men attracted to women, studies show that working on your body language, poise, mannerism, actions and even your dress sense are very effective ways to boost your sexual appeal. Psychology today, through scientifically proven methods proves that you can make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex whilst still embracing who you are.

Whether you are looking to building a short term relationship or you want a long term one that would lead to forever, it all begins with attraction. Work on your looks to become more appealing. A lot of what women do is based around what men may find attractive. Most of the time, it seems like a complete shot in the dark. Is there a surefire way to sexually attract men and make them find you irresistible? In a world full of competition, is there a way to make yourself more appealing to men than the other women around you?

Before we get into discussing some ways to make yourself more sexually appealing to the opposite sex, let's take a moment to restructure out outlook. We are fortunate enough to live in a time where female empowerment dominates, where strong, independent women are praised and looked up to.

We no longer rely on the man to do everything for us, and we are go-getters. While this is a truly powerful and modern way of thinking, when it comes to attracting a man, it may be helpful to try a different approach. This is not to say that you should put yourself down, but being a little less 'strong' will help make you less intimidating.

Even though men are supposed to be the stronger sex, they do have feelings, and they are fearful of rejection. It may be difficult for powerhouse women to readjust their way of thinking when it pertains to dating and attraction, but it will go a long way towards the bottom line. This may not come off sounding great, but men tend to be more sexually attracted to women they can exploit. This is not always intentional; some do this subconsciously. When women display any attributes that make them appear vulnerable youth, immaturity, intoxication , men tend to find them more attractive and are more motivated to pursue them.

Simply asking for their help or playing the role of the stereotypical damsel in distress will gain more of a man's attention. They enjoy feeling necessary. Men like the notion that because of whatever vulnerability, the woman will be easier to go after sexually. According to a study by Goetz et. What this shows us is that men enjoy the idea of being able to be in control be empowered, and have a woman in a position to bend to his will.

Sexual attraction for the man is all about what he can get out of the experience. Vulnerability is sexy and enticing, while also giving them an advantage, making it an easier conquest, so to speak. If you're interested in gaining the sexual attention of a man, let go of your inhibitions a bit, loosen up, and give off an easygoing, vulnerable personality. Every person must spend time with themselves and become comfortable with their own company.

You're a great person. You should get to know yourself. Once you are comfortable and confident in going out to a bar or club alone, this can really help you attract a man. We cannot stress this enough, even though many men give off this independent and 'couldn't care less' attitude, they are still vulnerable, even if they may hide it well. Women make the common mistake of going out in groups. This can be intimidating for some men. It's more difficult to approach a woman with a posse of spectators.

There's not only the possibility of rejection, but an audience to watch the entire thing happen! Additionally, if you're out with a group of your gal friends, you're creating your own competition. You're surrounding yourself with other beautiful options, giving men way more than you to focus on. It's a double-edged sword. To make things easier for men, go out alone. It will be easier for you to get men's attention, you'll be more approachable, and being alone does inherently give off a sense of vulnerability, which they will thrive on.

Men are more likely to go after the woman sitting at the end of the bar alone than the woman sitting in a group laughing and having a good time. He's always looking for opportunities to save the day, be the hero, and come to your lonely rescue. If you're looking for a guy to find you sexually desirable, the first thing he's going to notice about you is your physical appearance.

This isn't necessarily to say wear a short-fitted dress and nice make-up. What a man finds physically attractive goes much further than this. Physical attraction plays a major role in sexual attraction and chemistry. Evolutionarily, men are looking at more than just your chest and booty, even if it's completely subconscious. Men look for curves. Curves show men s of fertility and health, both of which are s of a good partner a strong candidate for producing offspring.

Even if you guys aren't looking for something that serious, the male brain is still naturally wired to desire a strong potential for having the most children to carry on his line. Consider wearing clothing that shows off your figure and accentuates your clothing. Appear youthful, but still adult. When he notices these defining features, he'll be instantly more sexually attracted.

So they say "eyes are the window to your soul," and we agree! Your eyes can be used to tell a man everything you're feeling, no verbal communication required. When speaking to a man that you're sexually attracted to, while it may feel more natural to shy away and nervously avoid eye contact, do the opposite. When you're speaking to him and listening to what he has to say, smile and look directly into his eyes, raise an eyebrow playfully , change your expressions a bit, have fun with your eyes. Give him looks of intensity, wink at him, even.

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How to make your man attracted to you

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