How to get her in bed on the first date

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Before you can learn how to get sex on the first date, you have to forget everything you have ever learned about going on dates with women. Forget about the romantic dinner in a nice restaurant where you sit opposite to each other the whole evening without ever getting the chance to touch her. Forget about wasting your time in a cinema where you have absolutely no possibility to get to know her and to establish the necessary connection that she needs in order to spread her legs for you.

It is time to forget what Hollywood and your mother have taught you and to learn what you really have to do if you want to have sex on the first date. Yes, this could be you if you would stop listening to your mom and Emma Watson…. What you want is a hug at the beginning of the date, a kiss in the middle and passionate sex at the end. Well, not by following the social etiquette of talking until the sun goes up. In order to get laid on the first date you have to be active, cunning, cheeky and extremely sexual.

You already have the right mindset. You want her naked in your bed and you know that thrusting in her while she screams your name is your one goal. In order to achieve this goal you have to make the right decisions and the first decision you have to make is where the hell you are going to take her. I already told you that an expensive restaurant and the cinema are unsuitable when you want to get laid within two to four hours of meeting her.

There are venues that are way better for establishing a sexual connection. Once you have started your date at your place it is absolutely essential to change the dating venue a few times. On the one hand, changing the locations is good, because it gives her the feeling that you have already experienced a lot together, which builds trust and a feeling of connection.

On the other hand, some venues offer an atmosphere that literally forces her to end up in bed with you. As long as the date starts at the same place as it ends, your dick will get wet. Well, unless you want to bang her on the toilet of a bar while three drunk teenagers try to film you to get their first YouTube advertising deal, you should start your date at your place.

From there you will go to the location you have picked. In this case you just have to tell her that your place is near the location. Once she arrives in front of your apartment complex you can simply ask her to come up for a couple of minutes, because you are not ready yet. Trust me, she will come up. I mean, when she gives you clear sex s , you can try it, but your goal is not to bang her right away.

Your only goal is to make her comfortable in your presence and especially in your apartment. Show her every room, especially the bedroom. Offer her something to drink and make sure that she is completely comfortable. Now you take her to the most expensive restaurant, pay for her dinner and live a life without sex but with a lot of credit card debt.

You do something else. Take her somewhere, where both of you have to get active. Take her to the gym, go ice skating with her, or take her to a climbing gym. Organize an activity date. Your goal is not to talk to her for hours until she decides that you are the guy who she wants to marry. Your goal is to get active and to force her to release a lot of endorphins that make her want to hug, touch and kiss you. Pretending to break you leg can be the fast track into her panties.

When you are doing sit ups in the gym, you can touch her belly and let her touch yours. When you are in a climbing gym you can hold her and rescue her with your strong arms. Now that you have done the touching and kissing I will later share with you how you get there , it is time to change the dating venue.

Remember, changing the location is extremely important. Giving a woman the feeling that you share a lot of experiences builds trust. This feeling of trust is exactly what she needs to go back to your place. The view. The music. The wine. What a perfect mixture. The setting should help you to stimulate feelings of comfort, pleasure and arousal in her. Take her to a rooftop bar that offers a view over the whole city. Those bars usually have sofas or other seating accommodations that allow you to close up on her.

Alternatively you can take her to a lounge or bar that offers a chilled atmosphere and music that stimulates the senses. After you have cuddled and kissed her for a little while it is time to go back to your place. If you follow all the steps that I am going to share with you in the following lines you will have no problem to get her into bed. I mean, she had so much fun with you and you experienced a lot together. She already knows how arousing it is to get touched and kissed by you and she has already been to the place you want to take her to.

She already felt comfortable in your apartment when she was in it the first time. Choosing the right location, respectively the right locations is absolutely essential if you want her to bend over for you, but taking her to the right places is not enough. You can believe me when I say that there are a lot of things that you have to consider when you want to learn how to get sex on the first date. From the moment you tell her to come up to your apartment to the moment where you take her home, you have hundreds of chances to mess it up and to get fobbed off with a hug that says Welcome to the Friend Zone.

Because I want you to experience the pleasurable feeling of having sex with a gorgeous woman and because I want you to experience it on every one of your upcoming first dates, I compiled the following step-by-step guide that will help you to achieve this goal. If you put the following twelve steps into practice, you will bang the girls on the first date that others date for five months until they tell them that it was a nice time, but that they met another guy who has the same name as you.

Take a shower, put on cologne and shave your balls. Seriously, no woman wants to go down on a man who has a rainforest in his pants. Make sure that you look good, that you smell good and that your gun is prepared to go to war. Now you are ready to free her from her annoying panties you just have to ask yourself if your apartment is also prepared for the battle. Make sure that you have fresh sheets on your bed and that you have at least three condoms in your nightstand. Oh, and a light that you can dim is also quite helpful.

Some girls are extremely insecure about their body and dimmed light will give them the necessary confidence to make all the naughty things with you that you want to do. You are the man. You Lead. I said it a dozen times and I will probably say it several hundred times in future articles. When you want to have a date that le to a kiss and a hug at the end you might be able to get away with weak leadership. However, if your goal is to have sex on the first date you have to lead her all the way through the process.

You choose the dating venue. You say when you change the venue. You tell her when you go back to your place and you are the one who takes off her bra and her panties. The good news is that if a woman is attracted to you and feels comfortable around you, she is more than happy to follow you wherever you take her, especially when this wherever is your comfortable bed. In order to make her knees shake and she vibrates within the first couple of seconds you meet her, you have to be able to trigger a strong feeling of arousal in her, without wasting too much time on unnecessary small talk.

All you need is to use your eyes to see straight to her soul. If you really want to learn how to get sex on the first date you have to learn to use your eyes as the two powerful seduction weapons that they are. When you look a woman in the eyes while you are thinking about something naughty, she will see and feel what you think. Seriously, it is scary but it works. The next time you are on a date with a girl I want you to look deep in her eyes while you imagine how you are going to….

Show her with your eyes that you are willing and able to satisfy her in bed, and she will want to have sex with you. You should be playful throughout the whole process but especially during the activity date. The last thing you want is to go on an activity date with a girl, just to end up sitting around like a fish out of water, while you let her do the activities. Make stupid jokes, make fun of her and of yourself when you fall down or when something ridiculous happens.

Be playful goddammit! Women want to be together with guys who make them feel alive and who take them on an adventure. After you showed her during the date that you are adventurous and playful, she will ask herself how adventurous and playful you are between the sheets. If you want to learn how to get sex on the first date, you have to understand that a woman who is attracted to you wants to get touched by you. In case you believe that it is rude or impolite to touch a girl, you have to overcome this ridiculous belief ASAP!

That would be a bit too intrusive, at least for most girls. One reason why activity dates are so awesome is because they offer you countless opportunities to touch her. Touch her whenever you can and kissing you will feel like the most natural thing to do. If you want to follow the old school path of dating that le to one date after another until you are finally allowed to dip your dick in her, you can of course go for the kiss at the end of the date. The best time to do that is during the activity date.

Wait until she reaches a state of joy, anticipation and excitement. You are in a climbing gym and after you saved her from falling down you pull her towards you and kiss her. You are in an ice skating hall and after she helped you to stand up you look her in the eyes and go for the kiss. I hope you believe me now that activity dates are perfect if you want to learn how to have sex on the first date. Great, now it is time to change the location to a bar with a relaxed atmosphere and a sensual setting. If you want to destroy all the sexual chemistry and energy between you and her, you can of course choose to sit opposite to her.

Place your hand on that freaking leg! She is already comfortable getting touched by you and you hopefully made out with her. There is absolutely no reason why you should wimp out and start from zero again. Your legs should touch her legs and if she is comfortable with it you can put your arm around her hips or at least on her leg.

It is also never wrong to hold her hand and to look her in the eyes while you are sharing some deep stories with her. She must feel some kind of connection with you. Feeling a sexual connection is great, but if you want to motivate her to get naked when you are back at your place, you also need to connect with her on an emotional level.

Let her know that you are an adventurous, life-affirming man by sharing some of your best stories with her. By doing that you build up trust and the more she trusts you, the more she will reveal about herself. This eventually le to a feeling of deep connection that motivates her to take her clothes off while you are watching. Whenever she tells you something about herself and especially when she shares her experiences with you, you should only do two things.

When a woman is attracted to you she will help you to seduce her and if you have followed all the steps she will definitely be attracted to you.

How to get her in bed on the first date

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How To Ask Her to Sleep With You On The First Date?