How to get a guy to take you seriously

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Women like to talk a lot. When women have a problem, they like to talk about it for hours. They just want to be heard. Men, on the contrary, are problem-solvers, and they focus on the solution of the problem rather than on talking about the problem itself. Every woman has noticed that from time to time, her ificant other does not actually remember the things she has told him several times already.

It seems that her man never listens to what she has to say. This situation is very frustrating for women. He just thinks she is overreacting. Why does this happen? The truth is that every woman goes into too many details. You keep on talking for hours, and you never seem to get to the point. Men get easily upset with this. For instance, if you had a problem at work, your man does not want to hear first about the time you woke up, the breakfast that sucked, the terrible traffic jam that made you angry, and then finally about the work problem.

He wants you to be direct and not beat around the bush. Just get to the point woman! Every time you have a problem, you seek advice from him. In the end, you do everything you wanted to do. You just want someone to listen to you, someone you can talk to.

This is why your man does not really put any effort in listening to you nor giving you the best advice possible. You are stubborn, and you will do everything your way anyway. All your man hears is complaining. It seems like you complain about everything that happens around you. He thinks you exaggerate about many things.

Do you? Well, be honest with yourself! Sometimes you do! If a guy sometimes kisses you all of a sudden in the middle of the talk, he just wants to shut you up! If you want your man to take you seriously when complaining, just tell him you need someone to tell you that things will be alright. Changing your mind constantly does not seem like a positive thing. One day you say one thing, and the next day you say something completely opposite. If you want your man to take you seriously, just tell him that you have doubts about something. You share so many details that he cannot keep up.

You suddenly start talking about Susie who cheated on her boyfriend and about Emma whose sister went abroad for studying. These are the questions that pop up in his head. He will nod his head and agree with whatever you say because… well… why not? He probably heard you the first time you said it.

Men are not stupid. Yes, they do forget things from time to time, but it is not necessary to repeat one thing over and over again. Once is enough. Okay, twice is okay, too. Your man will turn himself off whenever you start talking about something while he is busy doing something else.

It is his time to enjoy himself, and if you have nothing important to say, then let him have fun. Honestly speaking, your man is not interested in yoga lessons that you take or in Korean dramas that you watch. You are also not a fan of his favorite football team, are you? It is perfectly okay to love different things. Embrace your differences! Making women believe their lives are in their own hands is a lifetime passion of mine. I write to encourage women to break the chains society made them believe they have to carry.

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How to get a guy to take you seriously

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