How to communicate with an aquarius woman

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If you are curious about your compatibility with your friends, colleagues, family and more. Find out here! When you text an Aquarius woman, make an effort to send messages that are intriguing and unique. Communicating with an Aquarius lady over text messages can be confusing because her zodiac is quite complicated and non-traditional. Her personality is full of contradictions, making it tough to determine whether the things you text her will drive her crazy or make her smile. Each zodiac has a symbol that encapsulates the distinctive characteristics of that , and every zodiac belongs to one of four natural elements: air, fire, earth, or water.

Because the symbol for Aquarius is the water bearer, you might guess that Aquarius belongs to the water element. But, like most things surrounding this quirky , everything is not as it seems. Aquarius is actually an air , and air s are known for being intellectual, communicative, and curious.

Air s are the social butterflies of the zodiac, but Aquarius is perhaps the least outgoing of the air s. If you want to flirt with an Aquarius over texts, you need to get to know her. She has a deeply layered personality, and the more layers you peel back, the more surprises you will discover beneath the surface. She is naturally attracted to underdogs and outsiders, and she surrounds herself with independent thinkers and people with unusual lifestyles.

You should text her questions that will help you figure out who she is, but you must avoid sending her anything cliche or boring. Come up with a question that grabs her attention and encourages her to open up so you can get to know her better. Lots of guys send shirtless selfies or snaps of them working out at the gym when they want to impress a girl, but an Aquarius lady will only yawn at these tired antics.

You have to do something more unexpected to impress her, like taking a nude photo of yourself in a goofy pose or covering your privates with funny objects. The more creative and clever you get with your photos, the more likely your seduction will be successful. You should never be subtle in your texts to an Aquarius woman. You need to make it abundantly clear that you want to hook up with her, otherwise, she might not take the hint.

You should keep her on her toes by messaging her at unexpected times. She has lots of wild fantasies, and no idea is too taboo for her. If you want your Aquarius woman to text you back, there are a few things you must know about this eccentric and independent zodiac . Regardless of how close you are, you have to avoid texting an Aquarius woman too often. She values her freedom over nearly everything else, and if she feels smothered by your frequent texts, she will take some breathing room by ignoring you.

But when something interesting or hilarious makes you think of your Aquarius lady, you should send her a message or a picture to tell her about it. Aquarius rules the eleventh house, which is the house of technology, social awareness, and humanitarianism. Ladies, have you wondered if there is a "communication gap" in your relationship? Try this short quiz Discover how this "gap" may be influencing your relationship. Take the quiz here. Ask her if she knows of any non-profits that are seeking volunteers, or invite her to you for a day of walking dogs at the local animal shelter together.

Some zodiac s always text back right away, while others take hours or days to reply to messages. Aquarius women are fickle, so they fit into both simultaneously. An Aquarius woman might text you back and forth for hours one day, only to ignore your messages the next. Have you ever felt like your marriage is "on the rocks"? There are 3 mistakes men and women make that drive their marriage into disaster.

Brad, renouned marriage coach, discovered the answer. Watch his video to see how you can begin to re-build your marriage. Watch Brad's video here. There is some really good tips here, whether you've experienced a marriage that's "on the rocks" or not. For one, she likes to test her self-control and is easily addicted to technology, so she could be taking a self-imposed break from her phone and social media. Each zodiac has a guiding planet that reveals a characteristic of that .

Aquarius is ruled by planet Uranus, and in Greek mythology, Uranus is the god of the heavens and the sky. Having Uranus as a ruling planet shows us that Aquarius women are dreamers who often have their he in the clouds. If you did something to hurt or upset her, an Aquarius woman is unlikely to suffer in silence. She would rather confront you about the issue directly than be passive-aggressive and give you the silent treatment.

Make an effort to only send your Aquarius lady unique and entertaining messages. Accept that sometimes she will text you back and forth all day, while other times she will take days to respond. We have a tool that you can use to see how you and your Aquarius woman might match up together! You will need to know the location, date and time of his birth and your own to get the most accurate reading.

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How to communicate with an aquarius woman

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