How much time does a man need to think

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Bf broke up with me on he 22nd, a week and half ago.. I know how you feel because I've been there. If he needs time thats all you can give him you can't really put on the amount of days or months. I know this doesn't exactly help. Rushing back into things after he's asked for time will only lead to another fall-out.

Its hard to wait for someone because you may end up getting hurt in the end. Just keep the communication lines open give him the time he needs and hopefully when he is ready he will contact you. If so, I'd make sure to keep your distance and apply the No contact rule.

When you keep hanging out with him, in hopes of getting back together, you're giving him that intimate connection he wants without fully experiencing the consequence of him choosing to break up with you. In other words, you are allowing him to have his cake and eat it too! It's not fair to you and he's only going to benefit of having you around without actually being IN a relationship with you. What makes you think he'll want the commitment of a relationship if he already has the benefits of one without actually being in a relationship?

These are just thoughts to think of. I hope things work out for you. I agree that you shouldn't be intimate until you know things are back on track with you guys. Although it is so tempting to express yourself and be close to them, it only blurs things in the end. Space can be a healthy thing. As long as you keep communication on what the space means. If it is "hey, I need space" and they don't really contact you, it is best to get an honest answer on how you should respond. If it seems that they just want space, but want to be with you and work things out, then let them know that it would be nice have some kind of contact in the passing days to check how they're doing.

Neutral spots like coffee shops or places where other people are is a good way to spend time together, but keep a less tense environment. Intimacy isn't going to be an issue and then you can chat and relax. It's also important, though, to keep yourself clear on what you want and need. You don't just want to be a comfort to someone. Even though they may not necessarily mean to be treating you as such, is can easily be done. If you want a relationship and don't want to be or need time before you can be friends, then they need to know that.

If they just want to be friends and you would like to be also, I would give yourself ample time to get to a position where you aren't just dragging out your remaining romantic feelings. As much as you care about them, you come first. Be clear with your needs and feelings, and if they can't return that, then they aren't caring for you the way they should and aren't respecting you. I hope you figure things out either way. Don't mean to be mean, but this is just the fact. It seems you have no idea what's the issue with him. If you've asked him and he's provided no concrete answer, perhaps you might give yourself some concideration and think of life without him.

He lives in louisianna and I'm miles away we've had two visits Xmas and. July :, we can make it work we've been through so much. Lovepink13 You must be very careful not to get into a friends with benefits situation. It is unfair for someone to come to you, kiss you and behave as if everything is back on when it isn't.

You deserve better and if you allow him to treat you like that, he will. The present moment can matter to some people, just to call over, tell you whatever sounds good. You have learned that you can love, that is important. Only you can set the boundaries in your life, and if something doesn't serve you well, don't allow it. I agree with a member who said try no contact.

Do it with the view that you will improve yourself, have a good look at boundaries in a relationship, and your self esteem. Maybe he will come back, but take it that when a relationship is over, that it is over and start to go through the process of healing. WAiting for someone, no matter how wonderful they seem to you, is not good for your personal development. There are millions of people to meet, millions of experiences to have. It is unlikely this person is the only person you could love.

There are plenty of guys to date, just to enjoy their company, just to open yourself up to seeing the new experiences life has in store for you. Being happy is important, even if sometimes in a breakup you're smiling through the tears. Im going thought the same thing but i was with my bf for almost 2 years. Omg thanks,this helped.. Im so confused wait? Wait on what he dumped you. There is no relationship. Why spend time with someone who you have no title with and he dumped you.

Men are simple. If he says it is over then it 9 times out of ten means it is over.? Unless it is a totally bizare way to propose. Men claim what they want. They want to show ownership. Wish you guys the best. Once a person knows you are under their control it becomes what they want and not what you both want. I say continue your life and continue a healing process. Then move on. From what you write, you just go along with what he does and not question it. Perhaps you might get a little more aggressive and ask him what's going on and how much time he needs.

The big problem is that you say you want him and may have to get ready for an anser and and perhaps an unfavorable one. You may have to be prepared and tell him what you want. Perhaps you will have to call some shots. My boyfriend said the same thing too many arguments an hes tired of the drama he doesn't wanna try anymore :' I feel like if we communicate better we can work it out but I can't even convince him to give me that chance and I'm so depressed cant eat can't sleep I don't know what to do either.

Non move on. If its already going like this it won't change until your no longer an option for him. Build your life its very hard I miss my love e everday but Lot of it was my fault. After 6 years she gave up on me having end and odd jobs so after I lost her I relized I had to change and grow up. Well it's time for you to move on and leave. Cuz if he is his willing to help me , because from the start we talk that we help each others problem but what happened now.. Pls help me.. Well if you love him get a job and show him you can over come obstacles and he will not be pulling all on his own.

He uses you for sex or money. That's wrong. Next time he comes back remeber to have respect for yourself and say no. I understand how it feels. This kind of mess around can be emotionally crippling but at the end of the day you deserve better.

Keep in mind when he asks for things without commitment, without having the right the answer is always NO!!! My boyfriend and broke up after 2 years it was mutual but ultimately he broke up with me 3 months ago, I told him we could work it out a few days later but same as you he said he's sick of fighting. He said to me," I dont know where things will be in 6 months time, maybe we'll get back together, I just need now for myself to sort my head out" It killed me.

Its been 3 months of no contact whatsoever! I still have hope.. Always have hope and know you can do things for yourself. He asked me for space and I gave it to him, Im hoping its not too much longer until I hear from him but until that day he will have all the space he needs. I am sorry I have no sympathy for you on dating a married man.

That man was someone elses not yours. My man of 4 years has told me he needs time to figure out if we are what he wants. I have no sympathy for the "other woman". That man was taken, you knew he was yet you still decided that he was good for you. Yes I know he is also to blame but if he was flirting with you and coming on to you, then you should have put a stop to it and told him no because he was married. I guess we both are in same position If you leave your men in the position of knowing that you'd just be there waiting for him, he'll keep doing this to you - taking advantage of your vulnerability.

Tell him that you're not stupid and would like a breakup in person so that you can move on with your life. If he loves you enough and wants you back, he'll come back, else you'll be on your way to moving on. To be honest, Im so scared of him not coming back. But I cant think about it otherwise it will consume me. R elationship T alk. I'm sorry your boyfriend broke up with you. Breakups suck big time I know. Give me some time to figure things out. Goingthedistancefo ryou. That's not the end of the world. Hang in there it will feel better soon.

Anyone ever got back with their ex after a long period of time apart 2 years , did it work out? How much time do I give my ex to think things thru? Plus its a divorce that you have to get now you have been married over a year. Stay away from him. Those may interest you: How to know when to give up on things? My boyfriend is trying to figure things out in his life right now so has pu Long Distance Relationship - Is it time to give it up?

He always asks me to go get him things and it really really bothers me!! Give Advice! Those may interest you: The love of my life and I broke up two months ago, he says he loves me and wants to be with me in Says he loves me, doesn't want to break up, just needs time to think and sort out his life. Hi is nearly 3 months a long time after a break up to give up and stop tryi What's a reasonable amount of time to give someone to figure out if they wa

How much time does a man need to think

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When a Guy Says He Needs Time to Think, What Does That Mean?