How do i get apps without a credit card

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This guide explains how to buy Android apps without a credit card. When it comes to buying apps , games , music, movies and more from the Google Play Store there are multiple different ways to pay. Take a look at the list of supported and unsupported payment methods below. However, in the future, we could see Google add popular payment methods like Adyen, Venmo, or Zelle, but not yet.

As you can see, Google offers multiple choices for buying apps and other digital content on the Google Play Store. Keep in mind that our list is for the United States. Most regions around the globe only support debit cards, carrier billing, or gift cards. You can get a Google Play gift card at a nearby convenience store, supermarket, or even on Amazon with instant delivery. Google Pay is similar to Apple Pay, and works online, with 3rd party sites and services, and on select phones like the Pixel 2.

You can buy apps or games on the Google Play Store with a text message. Basically, Google will directly bill your cell phone carrier for the purchase. The way this works is the cost of the app, game, or in-app purchase gets added to your monthly phone bill. In the United States, you can add purchases to these carrier plans.

Another popular choice for those without a credit card is PayPal. Not only is PayPal used and accepted around the world, but it allows you to directly link your bank . It all adds up and these funds are instantly available on your Google on the Play Store. You can also redeem Samsung Pay rewards for Google Play gift cards, and buy apps that way. This way you can easily connect PayPal or redeem a gift card and start buying stuff. for instructions on a PC , or see our screenshots below to add a payment method right on your Android device.

You can click to buy the app or game, check the box to use some of your Google Play balance, or select the drop-down arrow to choose from a list of payment methods or redeem a gift card. Here are a few worth checking out. Try to stick to the Play Store, and only venture out to safe sites. Before you go, and now that you know how to buy apps on the Google Play Store without a credit card, here are 10 of the best FPS shooter games for Android. Try some of these exciting racing games , or save your money and enjoy these 35 best free Android games.

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How do i get apps without a credit card

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How to Download Apps Without Credit Card Information?