Hookers in Santa Fe New Mexico

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It is no secret that I absolutely love writing about shady ladies of the past. Their bravery, dilligence and determination to survive make many of them heroes in my book. Their stories naturally range from tragic to triumphant; all of them should be remembered as human beings, sisters, wives, daughters and mothers. I visited ladies of the camp, wanton women on the Santa Fe Trail, and plenty of other women who dared to work in the prostitution industry and defied the laws, societies and men who tried to suppress them.

When Fort Pueblo was established in , several red light districts appeared over time as the city grew. Such places normally forbid prostitution, but in El Moro, George Close successfully ran a dance hall just around the corner from the New State Hotel with its fancy saloon. South of Trinidad, the railroad continued over the New Mexico border to Raton. Early soiled doves of Raton included a woman called La Josie, who they say could dance up a storm despite having a peg leg.

When the business district relocated to Second Street, Josie and her cohorts immediately filled the empty buildings along First. In , a devastating fire burned much of the red light district and the business district after a disgruntled working girl threw a lamp at one of her customers. Soon after the fort was established in , a group of shady ladies set up shop in some nearby caves. A Captain Sykes discovered their presence when he found that stolen goods from the fort were being used to pay them.

Sykes ended the sinful business by capturing the women, shaving their he, and commanding them to move on. The ladies did move on—to Loma Parda, a small farming community six miles away. There soldiers could gamble, drink, dance, and carouse with women. In contrast to these woolly and wild places along the trail, Trinidad offered more refined places of vice. In its early days, Trinidad was as raucous as anywhere else, marked by the murder of a call girl named Moll Howard.

Her killer claimed the woman attacked him with a butcher knife, and owed him a dollar besides. The fancier houses sported dance floors, and the Grand, at Santa Fe and Main, even had a swimming pool and Turkish baths. Such places received plenty of business from men living in outlying company towns like Berwind, Ludlow, Morley, and Jensen. Who she was remains unknown, but the best known madam was Mae Phelps. In , Mae employed ten lovely ladies from her brothel at Santa Fe Avenue. The system was built by a written agreement with the city.

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Hookers in Santa Fe New Mexico

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