Guys first time sucking dick

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Forum Rules. Member . Remember Me? Last Jump to : 1 to 30 of Thread: How was your First sucking cock? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Oct 4, , PM 1. How was your First sucking cock? Hey guys new here! I've always fantasized about sucking another guys cock and taking his cum in my mouth. Just wanted to see if you guys remember your first time? And what I have to look forward too! Any tips? Reply With Quote. Oct 5, , AM 2. Re: How was your First sucking cock? Originally Posted by starjack Oct 5, , AM 3.

Mine was when I was He was older. He told me he would kiss mine and then I shoulld kiss his. He did and then he put mine in his mouth and sucked me. After a while I said I think I am going to pee. He said no that is how it feels when u cum. He kept sucking and I screamed I'm peeing. But nothing came out but it felt real good. I then kissed his. It was a nice feeling when I put his cock in my mouth. I sucked him like he did me. Very soon he said here it comes and I felt his cock jerk and my mouth filled up with his pee I thought.

I spit it out and saw that it was a white creamy mixture. He shoved his cock back in my mouth and I sucked some more and more cum came out. I didn't know what to do so I swallowed. It was bitter and not too good. Later we did it many times but I always spit it out when he was done. He always swallowed it all. Oct 5, , AM 4. I was out on the town and horny. I was I was heading back to base when a guy stopped me while I was at a bus stop.

He asked if I was horny and wanted to have some fun. I always liked looking at cocks of guys in the shower but I never did it with a guy just girls. Some reason I said yes. We went to his apt. He showed me a story to read. It was Behind the Green Door. I got hard. He stroked my cock. Then he said get undressed. I did. He looked at my whole body. Then he stripped. I saw his cock. It was about 4 inches long soft. He went down on me for a minute then he stood and was hard.

It grew to 5" and he said get on your knees. He pushed my head to his cock and I took it right in. I sucked him like I like it. Soon he came in my mouth and I swallowed it all. He then had me sit on the edge of the couch and sucked me. He inserted a finger in my ass. Then he turned me over and I saw he was hard again. He then started to eat my ass. He then got up and squirted something on my asshole and next thing I knew he was pooking his cockhead in my asshole.

He went right in and fucked me real hard. In about 10 minutes he came in my ass. Then he knelt down and ate the cum that was leaking out of my asshole. I was jerking my cock now. He spun me around and I shot my second load at his face. He took it all. What a first night of gay sex. Since then I have been Bi but I haven't had any luck finding another guy like that. Still looking for my second guy. Oct 5, , AM 5. I had a Dom friend that wanted to see me suck some of her male friends.

She wanted me to doma good job on her friends, so she told me to go find some dick to practice sucking. I went to a local adult bookstore with private booths. I met a guy with a nice sized dick and started playing with it. As it began to leak precum, I got hot. I dropped to my knees and started licking up all his precum. He moaned as I sucked the head of his dick in my mouth. I worked his dick in my mouth and eased it down my virgin throat.

I gagged a little, but kept going. I eased back and worked on the head and slipped it back down again. I sucked him until he exploded, I just regret I didn't let him cum in my mouth. Since then, I have made a couple of visits to a Bi club in Colorado Springs. They have actual gloryholes and it's a LOT of fun to suck a dick thru a gloryhole. They have another area where I have sucked a couple of guys off. It was hot having other guys watching me suck dick. I have played with a bi couple and that was the BEST. I was being sucked by a hot wife while her husband buried his dick in my mouth balls deep.

It doesn't get any better than that. Now I'm looking to suck a group of dicks. That is my next fantasy Oct 5, , PM 6. Then you might get hot and not care and just go down on it and lick it and slide up and down on the shaft. At first it feels strange and then all is good! Learn how to cum kiss and you will never have a more enjoyable time. Oct 5, , PM 7. I think I have always been a "queer", but I feel I can't come out as gay to anyone.

I think the only one that knows my "secret" is my younger brother. My very first taste of dick happened when I was only since no one could cum I don't even count it as gay sex. The first cum I ever tasted came from my older cousin that. I sucked occasionally, but this time he held my head still and "forced" me to take his load, he then "forced" me to swallow his small load down.

The first dick I sucked as an adult happened when I was in my thirties. It happened with a kid I went to high school with. I always wanted to suck his dick when we were in school, but I didn't know if it would piss him off or not, and I didn't want to risk being known as the school or town "queer". Later though I wanted so badly and got the opportunity to suck his dick. When he gave me my first "really big" taste of cum I knew I was hooked. Whats a guy to do? Oct 5, , PM 8.

I loved it. I am a older male 55 that has had only 2 men. They both suck me off and iI them. Would love to explore more things. I am married but find my attraction to a stiff cock very enjoyable. Would love to have a younger man.

Guys first time sucking dick

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