Good opening lines for tinder

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Whilst swiping away in search of love or lust , it can be tough to think of opening lines for Tinder that are all at once fun, interesting, and effective. Should you be funny? Use a cheesy one-liner? Of course, you could always base the opening line on something you have in common, too, which is another good reason to read and re-read their profile.

The right person will find any opening line totally charming. If you need a little extra inspiration, though, take a look at some of these sample opening lines for Tinder , all of which will help break the ice. Point it out in your opening line, and start bonding.

Everyone seems to have a pretty strong opinion about whether they're team dog or team cat. Plus, this question tends to quickly lead to an onslaught of cute pet photos. And what could be better than that? Choose a factoid from their profile and weave it into a question about their passions.

This is a great question to ask wherever you live, but particularly so if you live in a major city. Since they attract folks from all over the world, it could open up a conversation about moving, dreams, career goals — you name it. In a sea of flirty pick-up lines and subtle come-ons, sometimes a direct question is best. Once you ask, the other person is free to be honest about whether they want a relationship or just a hookup.

This is a playful way to begin swapping stories about what you both were like in high school, whether you were band kids, theater geeks, class clowns, etc. And learn more about each other in the process. If the convo goes well, you can even share embarrassing stories. Plenty of people might start off a Tinder conversation by asking if their match would like to go out, but making your question more specific makes you unique immediately. Besides, who doesn't like ramen? If your Tinder match has an interesting job, go ahead and ask more about it.

To make the opening line even more fun, spin it so they can share what they wanted to be as a kid. This message is a little bit flirty, as it suggests you would, in fact, like to meet up. Even if the match doesn't end up leading to anything, you'll leave with a new book recommendation to add to your list. Let them know you appreciate their choice in vintage button-ups, colorful sneakers, or rings. Who knows? You might end up going on a date to a thrift store. Are they most excited about going to a movie theater? Dancing in a club? Getting on a plane?

Not to mention their answer will help you learn more about their personality. Again, when it doubt, simply bring it back to the things you have in common, such as a love for travel. Get them to focus on funny stories, and share a few of your own. By Jordan Bissell and Carolyn Steber. Updated: March 19, Originally Published: Aug. Are you a dog person or a cat person? Is that one of your top passions? Are you looking forward to any new releases? Was that your dream job as a kid? What are you reading right now?

Is that your idea of a perfect day? Or milk first?

Good opening lines for tinder

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50+ Tinder Opening Lines to Pick & Choose From