Girl i just started loving you

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This song fires up electrified feelings in my body, heart and soul that I thought had lost it's power to ignite a fire in me that I thought had burned out a long time ago. Reminds me of a special someone and a magical time that I was so damn lucky to have been able to experience. It makes me wanna go back and stay in that moment forever.

There is no better high than that kind of passion. This song is hot and his ability to sing it in a manner that enables you to feel the raw passion he's feeling is a talent that few a Artist possess and he nails it. Who came here after the Grady smith video? Also forgot about this song what an awesome song this was and still is. I used to sing this song to the most amazing life I have ever known.. Ahh I wish I could go back in time driving when I first sang this song to her and pull the car over. Take her outside hold her hands. Gaze into her most precious brown eyes and sing this to her that way.

Where have I been? It's and this is the first time I've heard him. As good as Conway Twitty if not better. So disappointed. Heard this song in 6th grade 25 now and was really hoping he would be a lot bigger. Yes two days ain't enough time for loving your special women I love my woman always. If this song don't rub right up against your boogie bone then you're dead!!!!!

Must have been looking for the rap channel. Haters have to hate I guess. I really enjoyed it. Didn't know who he was before I heard this song. Love his voice, love this song. He is really cute in this video. This dude looks like a younger long haired big earl, you know who I mean lol.

Used to bust my balls make me laugh a one of a kind , great dude Big Earl if your out there your my boy blu. Woo hoo! This song always gets me dancing. His voice! His mannerisms! The inflection in his voice at certain times!!!! Woo hoo. Mitch this is my last song for tonight honey hope you enjoyed the ones I sent you cause I love you more than you will ever know love you love me forever always xo xo xo xo xo xo my love always.

Im a Top Fan on facebook and dont take that lightly James , you just got so much talant.. Stay safe out there my friend. Just heard this recently not normally a fan of Country but this!!!! This man has a gorgeous voice and so romantic. How come James Otto looks so sexy in this video? But doesn't come near it in anything else I've seen. He hass the looks and the voice. This song would always play on my radio when I ist met my long time boyfriend. Ace and I love you so much!! Take my hand and never let go! This song made me like country for the first time ever all those years ago If I had a girl that looked liked that, I'd lock her in the room and not go to work ever lol.

This dude is friggin hella sexy with his facial construction from cleft pallat and yes a bit chubby That voice Wonder how hes doing these days. We need some more songs Love this song as my husband use to sing it to me, he passed away from cancer Jan 5 th, and now when I hear this it brings sweet memories back. Yea this is a great song just over 10 years ago, wow time flies by, after this album he went silent for like 4 years or so an came out with one other song that i heard on the radio, guessing another album, but.

Haven't heard nothing else outta James, come on man make us some more song's like this brotha. Come back and let me love you Deb. Good song herad this while I was in jail for awhile on the country station.. I want to dance to this song with my hair down, all alone in the living room, while closing my eyes. You don't have to go now honey Call and tell 'em you won't be in today Baby there ain't nothin' at the office So important it can't wait I'm thankful for the weekend.

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Girl i just started loving you

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James Otto - Just Got Started Lovin' You Lyrics