Gillette cub checkout lady

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Nicholas A. Apparently, they dont trust their cashiers enough to run coupons which give you an item free! So, a front end manager has to check her red book because according to her "she just got a stack of them makes index and thumb motion to indicate a wide measurement of allegendy fraudulent coupons. I watched the lady thumb through her red book, and not once did I see the coupon I presented, in the photocopied s of it. They actually pay you enough to hassle a guy getting a free coupon product that damn Gillette sent me in the goddamed mail!

I suppose she did it out of duty to the great SuperValu company, that now when you walk in, they are more effing expensive than higher-end stores! That whole experience left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. Sorry, "Women of Today" Maple Grove, MN, I am glad you didnt help "bag" my stuff because if Cub wants baggers, like higher end stores, but still pretends it is a "budget" grocery store, just effing hire kids to bag customers stuff. To top it off, their chip on their readers sucked big time, twice I had to wait for it go through because little year old "Justin Beebs" wannabee could not do the procedure right Like I said Cub is a bitter pill to take.

I really hope Hy-Vee and others cut into their business. I hate this store, hate! It is not worth it to shop her again for me. Apple Shoe. I would love to give five stars because this Cub is very clean and has a lot of options for my family that has many food allergies. However, lately they have been pairing down on the selections that are safe for us. Also as a person who has a young toddler in diapers and who also has a disability that requires a wheel chair or cane from time to time I request that you please find a new location for the diaper changing table or put in a second handicapped stall.

When it is in use it blocks the door to the only handicapped stall and is a great inconvenience and embarrassment. Ive been trapped in the stall while someone uses the changing table and Ive also had to wait with a squirming toddler while the stall is in use for the changing table. Very inconvenient. Carisa Riley. I honestly will not shop here. Being from Iowa Ive always shopped at Hyvee and the produce, deli, etc is way better than Cub at the same cost or better. The fuel saver program at Hyvee is better too. Ive always had to wait in an incredibly long line at cub because there arent enough cashiers.

Its always been hit or miss with the staff as well. Leila De la. Cub is great for groceries. Large selection, good prices. I have caught children picking from the selection with their little fingers and even saw a kid take a piece of meat with the tongs and put the tongs and the meat in his mouth, then return it to the salad bar. Denny W. Registered on line for digital coupons with phone as states no longer need any coupons or rewards card. They could not find . Anyway items was after out of stock mon at 2pm. Happens often now. Difficult system for seniors and now go to other stores.

Josh Handeland. Okay I cant give a 5 only been here once but man I know maple grove is a nice city but Ive been to a variety of cubs in the Minneapolis - Roseville - brooklyn park and center areas and this ones bigger, fancier, even the restrooms look way better! Just more fancy.

Betty Jasinek. I hate the way you do your weekly adds. Very confusing. Not liking the bathrooms. Very smelly and the stalls are to tight. You hit things when you are in the stall. It smells awful and it looks like it can only be cleaned with water. No cleaning materials. Melissa Lopez. Cub foods in maple grove is a place that I avoid at all costs. The store and employees are fine but the customers are unbearably snobby and aggressive.

Just a bunch of pissed off soccer moms. Best to go late at night. Lucille Michaels. Its a perfectly adequate grocery store but with Hy-Vee as a new option, weve totally stopped using it. Hy-Vee has a much nicer atmosphere, a bigger selection, more engaged employees and great in-store extras. Douglas Gawtry. This location has always had what I have been looking for.

There are some Cub locations that seem stripped of some items and it is nice that this is the one close to my place of employment. Seth Allen. Our main grocery store. It has a neighborhood feel, as we often see our neighbors! Customer service has been great and we usually find sales or coupons for what we are buying. A Private User. I love this store, its clean, has great produce and very helpful employees.

And they always have great deals every week so I know Im doing well for my family! J Peterson. This is a good Cub foods. Its convenient located within walking distance of many other stores. Its also very clean and well stocked. Tim Drake. Good grocery store, but I always have trouble finding what Im looking for here. Its something about the lay out of the store.

Nancy W. Dashed in for a few items. Lines were short, cashier was pleasant. Great summertime buys - corn, berries, watermelon - yum. Michael Sommers. Dan H. Store is well maintained and stocked. The prices are not the best except for select sale items.

Bridgette Jessen. Good store and usually has items I need in stock. Friendly staff and usually very helpful.

Gillette cub checkout lady

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