German shepherd king size

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Last Updated on July 16th, The King Shepherd is a Shepherd dog breed that falls into the largest category. The King Shepherd is a large dog breed at about 25 to 31 inches tall, weighing between 75 to pounds. Before you decide whether your life has room to own a King Shepherd, here are some things you should consider. As his name suggests, the King Shepherd is a king-sized Shepherd hybrid. And the rest as they say, is canine history. The King Shepherd won an instant appeal for his high intelligence, unfailing loyalty, vigorous effort, and his attractive appearance.

King Shepherds are the largest of the shepherd class of dogs. German Shepherds stand 22 to 26 inches 55 to 65 cm tall, while King Shepherd males tower at 27 — 31 inches 67 cm tall. Not only are King Shepherds bigger than German Shepherds but they are also more heavily muscled and stronger.

The German Shepherd weighs 48 to 90 pounds 22 to 40 kilograms. King Shepherd males weigh between and pounds 59 to 68 kg. But there are more appealing differences between them. The King Shepherd is more powerful. Handsome is without a doubt the first word that comes to mind when you look at this beauty of a dog.

German Shepherds could be white , black , tan, grey, or have a sable saddle while King Shepherds can come in white and black colors and might also be a tan color with a hint of brown and black markings or they can be a grayish silver color with some hints of black on their coat. Even as puppies King Shepherds are identifiable because of their thick ears and teddy-bear faces.

But other than that the German Shepherd is loyal, obedient, alert and watchful. Under this broad category, there are several purebred and crossbreed dogs. There are over twenty-five breeds in this category, including:. King Shepherds will worm their way into your heart with their winning ways.

They are extremely loving and steadfastly loyal , as we mentioned earlier. King Shepherds are hard workers which comes from their shepherd instinct. They are eager to please and are quick to grasp what you want them to do. Do you want your kids to have memorable experiences with a cherished family pet? King Shepherds are playful and exuberant, yet they are still incredibly gentle with kids.

They are also loyal and protective of their little buddies. King Shepherds have a playful, social side around other household pets. They are gentle even though they are large. Cats and other dogs are treated kindly by this giant. This is not an apartment or condo-sized pet. King Shepherds tend to fill even modest house space.

So having a big backyard or a nearby park is a must. If you look forward to coming home after a busy workday and just chilling out, then forget owning a King Shepherd. These dogs love strenuous exercise and movement. Get ready for long fast walks, jogs or bicycle rides where your King Shepherd can run alongside you. This dog possesses boundless energy. They will run about, jump up, leave muddy paw prints and knock things off shelves and tables with their tails. If they are not kept busy and exercised, their health and your well-ordered home will suffer the consequences.

King Shepherds demand a fair amount of grooming. Daily vacuuming of shed and brushed hair and frequent mopping of paw prints is a reality — but worth the effort in my mind. The dog food you buy for him should not contain artificial ingredients so ask your breeder or your vet for a good brand that they recommend or refer to our feeding guide for German Shepherd. A typical serving for your adult dog is three or four cups of dry dog food per day.

Divide this into at least two meals. Check with your veterinarian during regular check-ups to see if your King Shepherd in a good weight. We know by now that this is a super smart canine, but despite this, initial training will require a lot of patience, consistency, and persistence, as is with any other dog.

However, as King Shepherds are so eager to please you, training will be really fun and your new canine companion will get the hang of it pretty quickly. Once trained, your King Shepherd retains the lessons taught. As long as you also remember and implement what you learned in obedience classes, then you are in for years of loyal companionship. This is one of the primary reasons dog owners cite for buying a King Shepherd. They are outstanding watchdogs. He can be counted on to bark if an intruder or a stranger tries to home or accosts you.

King Shepherds are courageous and formidable in appearance. But it pays to be informed. Because your King Shepherd is a crossbreed, they may have health problems associated with both of his parents. The good news is that hybrids like King Shepherds have what vets call hybrid vigor. This means they can be delightfully hardy and healthy.

They may also inherit allergies and eye diseases, degenerative myelopathy, pancreatic problems and thrombopathia. In the market for a King Shepherd puppy? King Shepherd litters are usually between six and ten King Shepherd puppies. Backyard breeders are people with one or two dogs who breed as a sideline. Their dogs may be well treated but not necessarily looked after medically.

They breed as many dogs as fast as they can and often under abysmal conditions. Inbreeding is rampant, and puppies often have genetic disorders. The American Kennel Club has suggestions for puppy shopping. They need forever homes. Why not check out the All Shepherd Rescue website. Some of these rescue dogs may have abandonment issues. Some may have health problems due to lack of exercise, improper diet, or lack of medical care.

You can turn his life around by offering him a forever home. No one promised a King Shepherd price would be cheap. The next cost is making sure your new family member is healthy. You need to do an initial medical exam which is a brilliant investment. You want to prevent health problems down the road, and you want to ensure your puppy is in excellent health. Some breeders and most animal shelters do this as part of the adoption process.

Whether you buy a King Shepherd puppy or opt to get a King Shepherd rescue dog, you are in for years of great times. I was raised to be a dog person. My first Shepherd grew up as I did and wanted to be where I was at all times. I got my second dog as a 16th birthday present, and her loyalty for me was just as strong as my first. I hope that my contribution to Animalso will help others find dogs who give them that same unconditional love.

My daughter got one a month ago. Absolutely awesome dog, Very smart and playful especially with kids. Gets along well with other pets and people. Main personality trait is his sweetness. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What are their Height and Weight? Under-exercised King Shepherds become bored and look for ways to burn off that energy. Can a King Sheperd be a service dog???

This dog sounds like just what I need. Affiliate Disclosure Animalso.

German shepherd king size

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15 Things to Consider before You Choose a King Shepherd