Genital piercing columbus ohio

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She is not alone — many college students are considering getting their nipples or genitals pierced. According to piercers and some doctors, with proper aftercare and thorough research of the piercing parlor and piercers, nipple and genital piercings can be a safe and unique form of self expression.

Without the proper preparations, piercings can go badly. In order to avoid potential problems, those interested in piercings need to — research the piercer, make sure they follow proper sanitation procedures and follow proper aftercare directions to avoid infection.

Research Terrell emphasizes the importance of researching your piercer before committing to letting them alter your body. In Franklin County piercers are only required to have a Red Cross certification and a bloodborne pathogens certification. No other training is required, so there is the very-real possibility of piercers having little-to-no experience, let alone experience piercing sensitive areas such as nipples or genitalia. In the industry, reputable piercers are required to do an apprenticeship in which they study anatomy and musculature before they pick up a needle.

Terrell said he was an apprentice for 11 months. Terrell said he corrects bad piercings done by others at least once a week. He said he sees many people with crooked piercings which he takes out and re-pierces. Danger s to look for are photos of swollen piercings or ones oozing pus. Michelle Domingues, a senior in biochemistry at Louisiana State University, was a victim of an inexperienced piercer.

She researched studios online before choosing an established shop where she got her nipple pierced. She researched another shop and talked to the piercers before going in. They fixed her piercing and told her it was being rejected by her body because of the small size of the gauge the other piercer had used.

Sanitation Tattoo and piercing parlors have very strict sanitation procedures they must follow to be d. They must have a separate room labeled as a biohazard for cleaning their equipment. The shop must have an autoclave in this room, which is a hospital-grade sterilizer that uses steam and pressure to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

All equipment sterilized by the autoclave should be placed in sealed plastic bags. All needles are one-time use and must be disposed of in biohazard sharps boxes that are picked up and disposed of by an outside company. Sterile gloves must be worn at all times. To ensure the shop you choose follows all of these procedures, Terrell said he suggests asking for a tour of the shop, asking to see the sterilization room and sharps boxes and asking to watch them set up and tear down their equipment.

Because of these strict sterilization procedures, Dr. Decide after that. Reducing risks Hedge said the biggest risks with these types of piercings are infection, allergic reactions to jewelry and rejection by the body. These problems are often because of faulty aftercare on the part of the person being pierced, he said. Terrell attributed most infections to not following aftercare instructions. Because genital piercings are protected from outside forces and are exposed to urine, which is sterile, Terrell said these piercings are less likely to infect as opposed to ear or navel piercings.

Another common concern is nipple piercings affecting nursing. Hedge said he has never seen damage to mammary glands from piercing, but he warns nursing mothers to remove jewelry before nursing. If the jewelry is too small it will force itself out of the body. Nick Wolak, owner of Evolved, stopped piercing with hoops five years ago because, in his experience, hoops had a 30 percent chance of rejection as opposed to a 5 percent risk with barbells. As Hedge spoke of allergic reactions from jewelry, Wolak said to avoid cheap jewelry.

At Evolved they only use the highest standard of jewelry — titanium. Another quality option is LVMF steel jewelry. Terrell uses LVM, which is implant-grade surgical steel. Studios are priced that way because jewelry is of much higher quality and the piercers are better educated and trained. Menu The Lantern.

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Genital piercing columbus ohio

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