Friend of a friend matchmaking toronto

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In our 9—5 series, we ask boss babes what a day in their work lives entails. Ishani Nath February 8, What do you do? Well, not super old-fashioned since I have a website. I meet with singles, get to know them and then match them up with like-minded people I think they should meet.

How did you get into the matchmaking game? As I got older, I started actively setting people up because I know how hard it is to meet other singles, especially in the city. What made you turn pro? It was difficult for me to make a living strictly freelance writing, and I wanted to do something that combines all of my favourite things: talking to people, being nosy, asking questions, setting my own hours and doing some form of good in the world—as hokey as that sounds. What sets your matchmaking services apart from apps and dating sites?

I dated on sites like OKCupid and Plenty of Fish for a long time and looked into personal matchmakers for myself to get someone else to do the work for me, but they were far too expensive. So I decided to start a service that costs about the same as Match. Why did you decide to title yourself Chief Yenta? What is a typical workday for you, or does that exist? Oh man, I just laughed so hard. What is the biggest mistake people make when looking for love?

Who typically s up for your services? The reach has been astonishing. My clientele includes people of every age, orientation, ethnicity, occupation and background. Intolerant assholes. How did your dating experience influence your work as a matchmaker? It made me a lot more empathetic towards people. My heart hurts along with people who express those frustrations. All the time. What I offer is a full refund at the end of one year, or I can continue to extend them on the roster until a match is found.

I found that more people go for the extension instead of the refund because they understand that these things take time. What do you find challenging about being a matchmaker? The ratio between the genders. It seems a lot more women are looking for relationships than men. A lot of guys are also less willing to invest money in their love lives because they have their sisters, co-workers or lady friends who want to set them up. Are you a full-time Yenta now or do you do other things to pay the bills? I still do this in addition to writing. One of the couples I matched just got engaged and when they sent me their engagement story, I pretty much cried for an hour I was so happy.

When I have to turn away women because I have like 17 women who applied in one weekend and only one guy. If someone wanted to be a matchmaker, what qualities do they need? Empathy and intuition. You really have to understand people as individuals.

Sometimes people may not see the type of matches that could be great for them and you have to trust yourself to offer options that may be a bit outside what they thought they wanted. For example, if a super passive and sweet guy really likes high energy, high-maintenance, type-A girls, I would try and talk him into meeting someone who is a little more relaxed, like him. How do unwind after a long day? I like to read a nice CanLit-y, angsty book, like something about a family in the Prairies.

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Friend of a friend matchmaking toronto

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