Freudian dating quiz

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No peeking ahead or it will ruin it! Grab a piece of paper or prepare to type out your answers to three questions…. And a body of water? The spot between the ocean and a river… like maybe a waterfall? Ants diligent, tireless but the single ant is inificant 2.

My leather jacket soft, smells great but rather impractical 3. Ice cube cold, rigid, moldable. But, anyway, here are my answers. Caribbean ocean: warm, beautiful, relaxing. I remember years ago a few girl friends doing this test on me and slightly mis-understanding the water question,I answered Perrier and said it was good to drink,refreshing and great for a hangover. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. And chances are, you do too! Let me know your favorite pool float! Wondering where to find caftans?

I've rounded up the of the most fabulous caftans in all price ranges, so you can dress like you live in a Slim Aarons photo! Wondering how to buy and own a vacation home in Palm Springs? Ready to play? Brittney on September 11, at pm. Meerkat small, adorable, curious 2. Jeans comfortable, versatile, casual 3. Bathtub relaxing, private, warm Reply. Hada Sencion on November 23, at am. Seagulls Free, passive and go everywhere Dresses Feminine, sexy and comfortable Ocean Raft, calm and unpredictable Reply. LO on February 19, at pm. Rainbow xena on September 7, at pm. Yo tu Reply. Thorsten on October 24, at am.

Ice cube cold, rigid, moldable Reply. Riddhi on December 28, at am. What if for the 2nd question- my answer is I dont like any animal Reply. Sarah on February 23, at am. Caribbean ocean: warm, beautiful, relaxing Reply. What is the meaning if my body of water is an ocean? the party The best things in life are free… and sent to your inbox.

Crew J. A Fun 3-Question Quiz. Can you see the palm trees in the reflection of my. Load More Tile — and style — for miles! In love with mysleepshirt f. Pretty in pink Sunny delight. Stay cool out there, friends! our colorful community. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .

Freudian dating quiz

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A Fun 3-Question Quiz