Free psychic reading no credit card needed

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Free psychic readings have the power to transform your outlook on life. Now, more than ever, they have great appeal to a lot of people. The downside to these is they can feel less authentic than a live reading. Free trial readings by real psychics — Sites like Kasamba offer 3 minutes free and Psychic Source offers 3 minutes free. I can also verify that they honor their free trials and do not charge fees or anything like that.

Social Media — Some channels on youtube do live streams with free readings for anyone in chat at the time. In addition, facebook groups like this have psychics in training and some psychics that will offer you free online readings via facebook video chat. Apps — if you search in the app store or google play store you will find apps like Pocket Fortune Teller which give you psychic readings for free via the app.

The first list in our guide contains every psychic website that has a free trial. If you use all the free trials below you can get a total of 38 minutes for free with a variety of psychics! Kasamba — Free 3 Minutes. Psychic Source — Free 3 minutes. Keen — Free 3 minutes. AskNow — Free Question Answered. AskNow specializes in readings by phone, if you call you can ask for a free 5 minute trial. A beep on the phone will warn you when your trial is about to end.

Oranum — 10 minute trial reading. You will find a squad of real, true, down-to-earth psychics who conduct readings across many topics in a live webcam chatroom. Mystic Sense — 5 minutes free. This website features a smaller group of about psychic readers. The first 5 minutes are free. LifeReader — 4 free minutes. The first 4 minutes are free.

Psychic Oz — 3 free minutes. Find top rated psychics chosen by customers who liked what they had to say. A free trial is available to new customers only. Not readings from real people. Use the website and press shuffle the cards to get a free tarot card reading with absolutely no catch involved. This website not only has free tarot card readings, but also rune casts, I-ching, mah-jong, and more. Get your fortune told with the help of your subconscious by picking the spread. Each has is accompanied by explanations. Free tarot reading for all customers.

Choose your cards from the deck and reveal something about your future. Shuffle and cut the deck as you please for a free tarot card reading. Here are free tarot reading software tools available from the website to customize your tarot reading experience. Aimed at readers. You will find three-card, card, and phone tarot readings on top of various topics, meanings, etc. Available on Google Play and iTunes, the downloadable Golden Thread Tarot app allows you to choose your own tarot cards while on the go.

Get instant answers at Tarot Moon where a free daily psychic reading about relationships awaits. Shuffle and reveal the meaning of the cards. Get a brief history lesson on the practice and explanations and descriptions of the cards. This professional downloadable tool has a classic de with many customizable features. You will enjoy the benefit of free tarot readings and communicating with oracles.

This website has a free tarot guide online that reveals the secrets and meanings behind tarot cards. You can learn how to read for yourself. Check out this simple way to learn how tarot cards work. Choose health and love tarot cards from a single or deck of 3. A meaning for each card will tell you the truth when they are revealed. Get free astrology reports, planetary points, and birth chart natal interpretations for all customers.

You also have the option to create your own chart. Check out this classic website for free astrology reports. You can pick a card and get actionable advice on the spot. Choose your and the of your love interest and see if you are both compatible. AstroWin is a downloadable free astrology software for PC and Android. Some tools include astrology and numerology charts and courses about spiritual astrology. Kasamba is one of the best psychic reading services and has been around for over two decades as of Its reviews are overwhelmingly favorable, and it has an amazing offer for new customers: You get your first three minutes of reading completely free via an online chat room.

And whilst Kasamba is an old psychic reading service, it boasts four million satisfied customers and has moved with the times. It offers relationship guidance, dream analysis advice, fortune telling, tarot card readings and astrology readings via telephone, video, and live chat. Read a longer review here. Psychic Source has been around since the end of the eighties, making it one of the oldest and most reputable psychic readings online.

Naturally, the service has evolved and moved with the times, and it now offers live chat and live video readings alongside its usual telephone readings. Over the years, Psychic Source has built up a of experienced and professional psychic readers among its trusted community. These include astrologists, tarot readers, clairvoyants and mediums, and each reader has gone through a strict approval process to ensure they are genuine.

However, new customers can request a free reading for the first five minutes. Read the full psychic source review. For example, you can talk about your relationships, your friendships, your career, your finances, your family and more. Also, Keen lets you pick a psychic according to price.

You can also choose them according to customer ratings and speciality, which we think is really useful. Read the full Keen Review. It also gives you 5 minutes free with elite and master psychics as a part of their package offers. For example, you could ask anything you want about your career, your relationship, or even something that happened to you in the past. If it is, you can then take advantage of their introductory offer that lets you test them out at a discounted price.

The service is manned by psychic experts who are able to help with any situation you might have, whether that be relationship troubles or questions about the future. Read the full AskNow review. Oranum are very generous with their free offer : New customers can chat to one of their experienced readers for ten minutes for free.

If a reader is live, it will say say on their profile there will also be a green dot to indicate that a reader is live and available now. Learn more in the full oranum review. A free reading gives you the chance to test out their services before deciding whether or not you want to continue with a paid service. Free psychic readers is simply a business model that benefits both parties. It really depends on what a particular service is offering. For instance, some services, such as Psychic Source, will let you talk via live chat and telephone for free, whilst others will limit free readings to just live chat.

As mentioned earlier, though, whilst some free psychic readings are available via telephone, others are limited to live chat. Most of the time, you just need to download and install the app to your mobile device, before following the instructions. Usually, this means choosing the free psychic reader you want to talk to, before deciding which topics you want to discuss.

Bear in mind, though, that you will need to finish the reading as soon as the allotted free time is up. Otherwise, the app will charge you for any subsequent minutes. Usually, no. Most people who talk to a psychic for the first time are nervous, as well as a little bit worried about the sort of things the psychic might discuss and reveal. Also, remind yourself that you need to retain an open mind going into this and eliminate all preconceptions you have about psychics. If you go into this with a negative mindset, for example, it might not work in the way you want.

Your free question is really up to you.

Free psychic reading no credit card needed

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