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Thus, Srivijaya grew to be the biggest international trade centre, and not only the market, but also infrastructures for traders such as lodging and entertainment also developed. It functioned as a cultural centre as well. He also recorded that there were many "states" under the kingdom called Srivijaya Shili Foshi. In , an army from the Kingdom of Medang in Java attacked Srivijaya. Palembang was sacked and the palace was looted.

Cudamani Warmadewa , however, requested protection from China. By , the invasion was finally repelled. In retaliation, Srivijaya king sent his troops to assist King Wurawari of Luaram in his revolt against Medang. In subsequent battles, Medang Palace was destroyed and the royal family of Medang executed. Its territories began to free themselves from the suzerainty of Palembang and to establish many small kingdoms all over the former empire.

Prince Parameswara fled from Palembang after being crushed by Javanese forces, [35] The city was then plagued by pirates, notably Chen Zuyi and Liang Daoming. In , Chen was confronted at Palembang by the returning imperial treasure fleet under Admiral Zheng He.

Zheng made the opening gambit, demanding Chen's surrender and the pirate quickly alled agreement while preparing for a surprise pre-emptive strike. But details of his plan had been provided to Zheng by a local Chinese informant, and in the fierce battle that ensued, the Ming soldiers and Ming superior armada finally destroyed the pirate fleet and killed 5, of its men.

Chen was captured and held for public execution in Nanjing in Peace was finally restored to the Strait of Malacca as Shi Jinqing was installed as Palembang's new ruler and incorporated into what would become a far-flung system of allies who acknowledged Ming supremacy in return for diplomatic recognition, military protection, and trading rights. Islam become dominant in Palembang since this period. Several local rivals, such as Banten , Jambi , and Aceh threatened the existence of the Sultanate, meanwhile Dutch East India Company established a trade post in Palembang in In , the company obtained monopoly right over pepper trading in the port.

Tension mounted between the Dutch and the locals, peaked at when a Dutch ship was attacked in Palembang, gave a al to the company to launch a punitive expedition in which burned the city to the ground. During Napoleonic Wars in , the sultan at that time, Mahmud Badaruddin II repudiated British claims to suzerainty, which was responded by British by attacking Palembang, sacking the court, and installing sultan's more cooperative younger brother, Najamuddin to the throne. The Dutch attempted to recover their influence at the court in , but Sultan Najamuddin was uncooperative with them.

An expedition launched by the Dutch in and captured Sultan Najamudin and exiled him to Batavia. A Dutch garrison was established in , but sultan attempted an attack and a mass poisoning to the garrison, which were intervened by Dutch. Mahmud Badaruddin II was exiled to Ternate , and his palace was burned to the ground. The Sultanate was later abolished by Dutch and direct colonial rule was established. From the late nineteenth century, with the introduction of new export crops by the Dutch companies, most notably robusta coffee , Palembang rose again as an economic centre. During early 20th century, the development of the petroleum and rubber industries in Palembang Residency caused unprecedented economic growth to the city, which brought about the influx of migrants, an increase in urbanisation , and development of the socioeconomic infrastructure, brought the residency into one of the "three giants" in the export economy of the Netherlands East Indies, together with the East Sumatran Plantation Belt and Southeast Kalimantan in the s.

Palembang was a high priority objective for Japanese forces, because it was the location of some of the finest oil refineries in Southeast Asia. With the area's abundant fuel supply and airfield, Palembang offered ificant potential as a military base area, to both the Allies and the Japanese.

The main battle occurred during 13—16 February At the same time Mitsubishi Ki bombers from the 98th Sentai dropped supplies for paratroopers. The formation was escorted by a large force of Nakajima Ki fighters from the 59th and 64th Sentai. As many as men from the Japanese 2nd Parachute Regiment, under Colonel Seiichi Kume, dropped between Palembang and Pangkalan Benteng, and more than 90 men came down west of the refineries at Plaju. Although the Japanese paratroopers failed to capture the Pangkalan Benteng airfield, at the Plaju oil refinery they managed to gain possession of the entire complex, which was undamaged.

However, the second oil refinery in Sungai Gerong was successfully demolished by the Allies. A makeshift counter-attack by Landstorm troops and anti-aircraft gunners from Prabumulih managed to retake the complex but took heavy losses.

The planned demolition failed to do any serious damage to the refinery, but the oil stores were set ablaze. Two hours after the first drop, another 60 Japanese paratroopers were dropped near Pangkalan Benteng airfield. As the Japanese landing force approached Sumatra, the remaining Allied aircraft attacked it, and the Japanese transport ship Otawa Maru was sunk. Hurricanes flew up the rivers, machine-gunning Japanese landing craft.

However, on the afternoon of 15 February, all Allied aircraft were ordered to Java, where a major Japanese attack was anticipated, and the Allied air units had withdrawn from southern Sumatra by the evening of 16 February The Japanese managed to restore production at both main refineries, and these petroleum products were ificant in their war effort.

On that day, it was announced that Palembang Residency was under control of Republicans. There were three fronts during the battle which are Eastern Ilir front, Western Ilir front, and Ulu front. The battle ended with ceasefire and the Republican forces was forced to retreat as far as 20 kilometres 12 miles from Palembang. During the occupation, the Dutch formed the federal state of South Sumatra on September At first, the bridge was known as the Bung Karno Bridge, after the president, but following his fall, it was renamed the Ampera Bridge.

On 6 December , Indonesia government expanded Palembang's administrative area as far as 12 kilometers from the city center, with 9 villages from Musi Banyuasin integrated into 2 new districts of Palembang and 1 village from Ogan Komering Ilir integrated into Seberang Ulu I District. During May riots of Indonesia , Palembang was also ravaged by riots with 10 burned shops, more than a dozen burned cars, and several injured people inflicted by rioters as students marching to the Provincial People's Representative Council office of South Sumatra.

Thousands of police and soldiers were put on guard at various points in the city. In , a sport complex along with its main stadium, Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium , was built in Jakabaring, completed in It served as venues for Pekan Olahraga Nasional. Palembang became host of Pekan Olahraga Nasional in after 47 years it was last held outside Java and 51 years in Sumatra. In , Indonesian government decide to replace the host of Islamic Solidarity Games from Pekanbaru to Palembang because several problems occurred in the former host, including Riau Governor, Rusli Zainal who stumbled over a corruption scandal.

Palembang completed its first flyover at Simpang Polda in September One of the largest rivers in Sumatra, the Musi River, runs through the city, dividing the city area into two major parts which are Seberang Ilir in the north and Seberang Ulu in the south. Palembang is also located on the confluence of two major tributaries of Musi River, which are Ogan River and Komering River. The river's water level is influenced by tidal cycle. In rainy season, many areas on the city are inundated by the river's tide. Palembang's topography is quite different between Seberang Ilir and Seberang Ulu area.

Seberang Ulu topography is relatively flat, meanwhile Seberang Ilir topography is more rugged with altitude variation between 4 and 20 metres 13 and 66 feet. The climate in Palembang is often described with "hot, humid climate with a lot of rainfall throughout the year". The annual average temperature is around Within tropical climate, except for precipitation and monsoonal wind direction, the city experiences no other seasonal change throughout the year.

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