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Once while shopping at a garage sale I was given a box of canning jar lids and bands for free. At another garage sale, my daughter and I showed up just as the hosts were So Done with the event. Everything left was free, they said. Not every garage sale has a free box, but you should always look for one. While it does tend to be the place where Happy Meals go to die, you can sometimes find some pretty good stuff.

Belinda, who blogs at Frugal Workshop , is an avid yard-saler who looks for items to sell as well as to use in her home or for crafting projects. At one recent sale her daughter found two pairs of American Eagle jeggings in the free box. My favorite free-box find was a cast-iron skillet that needed just a little steel wool and some seasoning to become one of my essential kitchen tools. Probably other stuff, too, because as noted I always check the box. As noted above, you can sometimes get things for free if you buy a lot of items.

Would you be willing to throw in this stuffed animal for free? But do look for a free box any time you see a yard sale. And since right now is prime garage sale season, you will probably see a lot of them. Not every sale you stop by will have a free box. Some might have free boxes that contain little except dubious plastic gimcracks. On the other hand, you might wind up with a cast-iron skillet that makes the best cornbread ever. Pro tip: Grease it with bacon fat and set it in the oven as it preheats. Her little boy, who I believe was around kindergarten age, was looking through the free box.

Readers : How often do you visit garage sales? Do you pounce on the free box as eagerly as I do? The woman said there was a lot, but I had to take it all. She told me as I drove up that I had to take it all and she had added more. It took, her grandson, she and I to get it into the car and trunk. When I got home, I found cast iron—about six vessels and three or four lids.

So, I had carried it all home. Most of it went on the curb for others, but I still have all the cast iron. When my youngest was two and the older two were in school and kindergarten, I took the two-year-old. She was made for shopping. She moved with me, each tiny little step and never touched anything, unlike other kids. She was so good that if anyone saw her looking intently at a toy, the person gave it to her. She loved yard sales. By the time I get there, anything I might want is always gone. Also, the older I get, the more minimalist I become.

That said, I have found some great birthday and holiday gifts at yard sales. I do so agree, I bought more items yesterday. Thank you so much for the shout out, Donna. We do love to yard sale here. I once found the most beautiful fabric in the free box, about 4 yards worth. I check everyone I find.

Nice find on the iron skillet. She told me she despised her mother in law and it made her happy to think of the old lady doing back flips in her coffin over selling it so cheap and to a white woman yet. I am, as they say, a well-upholstered woman, so finding a parka was amazing enough, let alone one big enough for me. I finally had to get rid of it last winter, after 15 years, because it was pretty much in tatters. After a cross country move where I disposed of a lifetime of clutter my husband and I are definitely minimalists now.

We set most of our stuff on the curb. After 30 years most of our stuff was in pretty rough shape and not worth selling. Many house holds benefitted. I jumped out of the car and asked how much for the bike…. Said birthday boy was in his car seat in back oblivious to what was going on! Yard sales are spaced so far apart, like an above poster said, I hate to spend the gas money today the way it keeps going up.

There are a few regulars I go to that sell box lots they got at auction sales, but the other people there want a mint for their stuff. The day I go there, I do all my grocery shopping for the week, as there are 6 or more stores all within a mile. On my trips, I think I have only seen a free box about times. Nothing like cast iron, only small toys or a chipped dish. Sure wish I could fine a medium size stew pot that was heavy duty.

I have one I had since I got married in 71, but on my stove now, it either hangs over the burner too far and takes forever to heat, or the other burner is too big that the handles would be on the burner. One of these days I will either find a good sale at a store or find one at the flea market. I was happy as can be. And yes, that was nice.

People will drop their garage sale leftovers off over the weekend, or Monday morning. You have to give the thrift shop people time to process the booty! Recently returning home I saw a 12 by 12 out-door canopy folded up on top of a trash tote for disposal. I brought it home and found that one of the legs had broken off BUT all the parts were there. Quite a find! And I wonder that, too. Maybe they broke it trying to set it up or take it down, and just quit while they were behind.

Or maybe their workplace paid for it, for an outdoor event, and no one felt handy enough to take it home and fix it. The free box often made me feel I was stealing…. Those were the days…. It looks fantastic on me. Love yard sales! My mother-in-laaw is a great haggler so whenever she goes to one, I try to go with her. Back in college I found an unusual and attractive necklace at a random garage sale I stopped by on a whim. I think it was handmade, because some of the brown be appear to be apple seeds. Not a garage sale, but at a favorite thrift store, two volunteers sorting donations gave our sons a couple of broken boogie boards.

We used them for years. Apparently the folks there throw out a ton of great stuff, especially after a tropical storm or hurricane. If anything, or even a part of a set, is water-damaged, they drag the whole kit and caboodle out to the curb and replace it. The stuff never made it to the curb because the dealer would come pick it up. My best find was an antique sideboard. It was the last days of a moving sale. Recently, I threw a tea party and kept the cost of party prizes down by shopping at the thrift store.

Free garage sale items

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