Finding a flat

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If you are moving to Berlin , you need a place to live. You need it to get a residence permit , register your address and get a tax ID. You can still open a bank and get health insurance without it. There is a lot of competition for cheap apartments. When a landlord lists an apartment, they get hundreds of messages. Some apartment viewings have hundred of visitors. Some people are lucky and find an apartment in a few days. Other people need weeks or months 1.

It's easier if you have a stable job, a good income and you speak German. If you just moved to Berlin , and you need an apartment now , you can get a temporary furnished apartment from websites like Spotahome or Wunderflats. Temporary apartments are expensive, but they are easier to find, even if you are in another country. They come with furniture, appliances, internet and electricity. This gives you a place to stay while you find a better apartment. You can also rent a room in a WG.

They often come with everything you need, but they are harder to find. If you are new in Berlin , some Facebook communities can help. For example, if you are Canadian, the Canadians in Berlin group can help. If you already live in Berlin , ask your Hausverwaltung if they have other apartments available. They prefer to rent to someone they already trust. They can put you on a waiting list, or show you apartments that are not yet listed.

If you are in university , the university has resources to help you 1. There are help clinics for new students, and places where they advertise apartments for rent. Furnished apartments are the easiest way to find your first apartment in Germany. They are expensive, but they are convenient, and easier to get. You can book a furnished apartment before you arrive in Germany.

You don't need to send dozens of applications, find furniture, connect the internet, get an electricity contract etc. You just move in. They usually include everything: furniture, internet, electricity, water, etc. They often let you register your address. This is important. Furnished apartments are a good temporary solution. After you move in , you can look for a cheaper apartment. People rarely hire agents to help them.

They will not improve your chances of finding an apartment. Most people don't choose their apartment. They take what they can get. You should still look for an apartment you like, and avoid scams. After you find apartments you like, you must contact the landlord.

Here are ways to improve your chances:. If you want to get the apartment, come prepared. Bring all your documents with you. If you like the apartment, you can apply immediately. Once you the lease, the apartment is yours. You ed a contract. You can't change your mind. Next, you must pay the rent, and the deposit. You have until your move in date to pay. Do not pay anything until you have ed the lease. After you find a place, it's time to move out of your old apartment , and to move into your new apartment.

You should also a tenants' union Mieterverein. They can check your lease, and help you when you have problems with your landlord. Legal insurance can also help with that. If your rent is too high, Conny also called Wenigermiete can help you reduce it. If you just moved to Berlin , you might need to buy furniture, appliances, etc. You must also learn how to sort your trash , how your electric bill works , and what to do if you lose your keys. Table of contents Is it hard to find an apartment?

Before you start Get everything you need Things that are different in Germany Step 1: Look for apartments Ask your network Classified Facebook groups WGs, flatshares and roommates Student housing Short term and furnished apartments Housing companies Hiring an agent Step 2: Choose apartments to visit How to choose an apartment How to choose a location Common apartment scams Step 3: Contact the landlord What landlords want Step 4: Visit the apartment What to bring?

What to look for? Step 5: the lease Step 6: Move in. Updated on July 08, Written by Nicolas Bouliane. This guide shows you how to find your first apartment in Berlin. Step 5: the lease Step 6: Move in Is it hard to find an apartment? Before you start Get everything you need Open a bank You need a European bank to pay your rent every month.

If you are not in Europe, you can use Wise to transfer money to a European bank . You have until you move in to pay the rent and the deposit , so you can also wait until you arrive in Germany. Save money You need enough money to pay for the first month of rent and the deposit. The deposit is usually 3 times the cold rent Kaltmiete. If you don't have enough money , you can pay the deposit in 3 instalments, or use a Mietaval. You will also need money to buy furniture, appliances, and house supplies. Prepare your documents You need a few documents to apply for an apartment.

Get them in advance. When you find a place you like, you can apply quickly. The full list is down below. Things that are different in Germany Deposit In Germany, almost all apartments require a deposit Kaution. It's usually 3 times the cold rent Kaltmiete. The money stays in a special savings . You get it back when you move out.

If you broke something in the apartment, the landlord pay for the repairs with your deposit. This guide explains how the Kaution works. Cold rent and warm rent In Germany, there is the cold rent Kaltmiete and the warm rent Warmmiete. The warm rent is what you pay every month. It includes the utilities Nebenkosten : central heating, hot water, trash collection and city taxes.

The Nebenkosten are not a fixed cost, they are adjusted once a year. If you paid too much, you will get some money back. If you didn't pay enough, you will have to pay more. State-subsidised apartments Some apartments listing say WBS erforderlich. These apartments are subsidised by the state. You must have a Wohnberechtigungsschein to apply for them. Nothing is included In Germany, most apartments come with no appliances, no curtains, no light fixtures and no kitchen.

You must buy your own. Those usually come with a stove, a fridge and even a dishwasher. Rent is paid by bank transfer In Germany, you always pay the rent by bank transfer. People do not pay their rent with cash or cheques. Rooms In Germany, the living room also counts as a room. A studio is a 1 Zimmer Wohnung. A 3 bedroom apartment with a living room is a 4 Zimmer Wohnung. The kitchen and the bathroom do not count as rooms.

This tax costs If you live in a WG , you can split the cost. In some special cases, you can pay a little less. This guide explains how the TV tax works. Step 1: Look for apartments Ask your network Ask your friends, family and colleagues first. Many people find an apartment this way. Classified eBay Kleinanzeigen - The most popular classified site in Germany.

It has more from tenants and private landlords. ImmobilienScout24 - The biggest apartment listing site in Germany. Most are scams 1 , 2. Very competitive.

Finding a flat

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How to find an apartment in Berlin