Find the name of your true love

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Please leave empty:. Run to my group of friends. Slowly scan the room, looking for a good-looking guy. Slowly walk over to my friends with my head down. Do a dance move in front of everyone, eyeing my crush. His eyes. His lips. His hair. His nose. A great personality. The perfect physique. He has to be funny. Nothing visible - he has to treat me right and to understand me. A nice dinner and a movie. Doing homework together. Going to a club, then out for dinner. Always listen to me. Let me party every day. Take me out on memorable dates.

Talk to me for hours and hours. BLUE like the ocean. PINK like hearts. WHITE like fluffy clouds. GREEN like the grass. That's why I'm taking this test - to find my true love! No - but if this quiz goes well, I might dump him and find a guy with the name I get. No, just taking this for fun! Yes, but this is for fun only! What are you talking about? No sweat! A little. Not really. Comments Change color. Naomi Human being who lives on this weird planet ca I got will I am so nervous for this . A human I got the name will! Will is the name of the most annoying kid in my class.

Yay not. I got Michael but I don't know a Michael In my life. Anju bhattarai I am from Nepal and I got name like Michael what is really mean5. Aizelle mae Its will like ok wait did anyone else get the name will Moon Why i got two guys? Just a sec while I look in my crystal ball! I see it Your true love's name is Michael! You want someone who understands you, but takes you to a party here and there. Don't give up, Michael is out there, and he wants to meet you! It might not be today, but it will be sometime before too long. Michael is my best friend Aubrey But on the other quiz I got Connor which is my true love so I just put it in there.

Ready for your result? You got it! Your true love's name is Connor. You want someone who takes you on surprising dates, and does special things for you all the time! And why wouldn't he feel this way? You're awesome. I got michael too Maya. Maya True love? Not with this name! Omg I got Michael on another quiz I knew somebody named Michael, he asked me out Avanish He easy good person he always keeping smile. LavendersAreTheBest I got Michael why did everyone get Will?? Hehe I got Will! June Bean I wanted Daniel or Louis Now I'm sad it wasn't one of them, but if I meet a boy named Will and he has curly brown hair and maybe glasses which are always welcomed, then take me, Will!

Michael The name I got was Michael, so that means that my true love is myself. Delete this comment Cancel.

Find the name of your true love

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What Is Your True Love's Name?