Dutch beautiful girls

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Everyone has heard of the Netherlands and the famous city of Amsterdam. The Netherlands is known to be one of the most liberal places on the planet. Some of the cities are world known party destinations that attracts millions of visitors each year. This is a free country where expression is embraced. It should be no wonder that the beautiful Dutch girls are the same way. They are liberated and express their emancipation in many forms, from clothing, hairstyles, and peculiar behaviors. Below is a little more about them and some common stereotypes.

According to some reports beautiful Dutch women are typically less maintenance than other Western women. On the other side, according to the social study conducted by Viva magazine on Dutch women in their 30s, Dutch ladies use makeup quite a bit and even describe themselves as vain. The findings of Viva study on Dutch women and makeup: As many as 70 percent of respondents described themselves as vain. In addition,almost half of them spend at least fifteen minutes before the mirror before they go out.

Only 8 percent of respondents never wears makeup and only 5 percent is comfortable in their skin without makeup on. It is also extremely rare to see a women walking around in sweatpants. I have rarely seen it. Most of the time I see women wearing skirts or pants. Furthermore, there is a big differences between Dutch women style nowadays and the one 10 years ago. Dutch women are more and more using make-up and following the fashion trends. In general women earn less than men. This is the finding of ITUC, the international alliance of trade unions, which was published in On personal note: my mother worked part time and every one ells I know had a mother who worked part time.

Almost all Dutch women 96 percent say they have a monogamous relationship, and 82 percent want to continue their life with their partner. According to a survey the magazine Viva held among women in their thirties. More than 80 percent of women advocates of marriage. Children are also high on the list. Dutch women are not subservient in the least but they do expect their men to act as gentlemen and take care of them.

Men interested in Dutch women should not expect to be in control but they need to be ready to take control whenever it is needed. Here are some other things to be expected from these ladies. Important to note: The fact that the most famous red light district in the world is in Amsterdam, Netherlands should not mislead you into thinking that Dutch women are easy or promiscuous. Actually it is quite the opposite as stated above.

To sum up, beautiful Dutch women have strong personalities, they are very fun to be with and have a quick wit about them. Special thanks to Nadine who has provided us with relevant, high quality and well researched information about Dutch women. Back to Beautiful European Women. Beautiful Dutch Women. Share on Facebook Share.

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Dutch beautiful girls

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