Drunk fetish stories

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About the Intoxication Fetish What is a Fetish? A f etish is defined by wikitionary as:. Something nonsexual, such as an object or a part of the body which arouses sexual desire or is necessary for one to reach full sexual satisfaction. What is the Intoxication Fetish I. The object that arouses sexual desire in those who have an intoxication fetish is the pleasurable effects the drug or drinking has on the person.

A fetish usually stems from childhood and is classically conditioned and shaped by many variables. In general, there are two main types of intoxication fetishes: the drunk fetish and the drug fetish. The Drunk Fetish. The Drug Fetish. Common Elements. The person with the intoxication fetish may or may not engage in the object that triggers sexual arousal. Some people may not engage in alcohol consumption or drug use, while others may be sexually aroused by their own intoxication. The intoxication fetish varies based on a of things such as:. The intoxication fetish is about the pleasure the intoxicant provides.

Because the intoxication fetish is about the pleasurable effects of the alcohol or drugs consumed by the person, the intoxication fetish has the following characteristics:. Additional Triggers. Additionally, for the person with the intoxication fetish, the triggers associated with ingesting a particular drug that le to intoxication may become sexualized.

For instance, with marijuana, the act of smoking may also come to trigger sexual arousal. What Other Fetishes are Related? Due to the triggers inherent in the intoxication fetish, persons with intoxication fetish often have other fetishes as well. There is overlap. In general, there are five themes to the intoxication fetish that trigger additional fetishes. These are: The associated imagery associated with the ingestion of the drug.

The impairment the drinker or drug taker's judgment, change in character and morals, and the decrease in inhibitions. The associated imagery associated with the ingestion of the drug. Triggers associated with ingesting a particular drug - chugging, pipes, bongs, needles, etc. Since many drugs involve smoking, many people with intoxication fetish are also into the popular smoking fetish Smoking Fetish Forum. This oftentimes revolves around their sexuality their libido takes over.

Other morally-related fetishes that are related include: mind control MCStories , MCForum , good-girls-gone-bad , seduction, and bimboization. This involves the effects drinking and drug intake does to the person over time and the lack of self-control or desire to doing anything about it. Related fetishes to this include: addiction, body transformation, weight loss , and weight gain bbw. The Intoxication Fetish Community. Videos of intoxicated women usually center on mainstream films, professional or semi-professional niche films, or amateur videos.

For mainstream films, individual scenes from films that feature drunken women, such as The Days of Wine and Roses , featuring an inebriated Lee Remick, or drug use, such as Requiem for a Dream, featuring an intoxicated Jennifer Connelly are sought. Sites such as The Good Scenes Redux list and review movies and television shows that feature the best intoxication scenes. There is a small of professional and semi-professional niche filmmakers that specialize in women getting intoxicated such as Jocelyn Dean or sites like TheyDrunk.

With the advent of YouTube, amateur videos in which women indulge in drinking or drug use are sought. These usually range from home movies of parties where women are already under the influence or video journals of women filming themselves getting intoxicated. Photos, Illustrations, and Comics. Still photographs of women appearing intoxicated, with half-lidded eyes and evidence of alcohol use or drug taking, are also collected and shared. With the advent of the internet, photos of girls drinking booze, beer, wine, and other forms of alcohol at parties or in their daily lives have been plentiful.

Sites that promote the legalization of marijuana or other drugs produce content of women smoking marijuana, hash, and ganja out of bongs, pipes, or other drug paraphernalia. Certain niche porn sites also cater to those with intoxication fetishes by creating and selling access to photos or photo series in which a model becomes increasingly inebriated or engages in drug use. For instance, models are morphed to have half-lidded and bloodshot eyes, drugged smiles, and flush cheeks.

Additionally, evidence of drug use such as beer, wine, hard liquor bottles or other drug paraphernalia such as pipes, bongs, pills, needles, etc. Because part of the arousal stems from seeing or reading about a person becoming progressively intoxicated, illustrated stories, photo series, or comics of intoxicated women and behavior are popular within the community. Stories are often collected or written that involve the intoxication of the main character, sometimes leading to sexual activity. Those stories that revolve around the intoxication fetish often involve typed speech that imitates slurred drunken or drugged speech.

Most follow a pattern of seven distinct stages :. for more information about these stages. Because the intoxication fetish is a niche, most stories that have been written involve some other related fetish with intoxication as only a subpart of the story. Many stories can be found within the GGW Forum. Community members are always writing or discovering new stories and posting them at the GGW Forum. Popular online artists within the community include the pioneer, Dunsel , who primarily specializes in creating artwork, movies, games, and illustrated stories of women under the influence of alcohol and Jonnie UK who specializes in plump women in tight dresses drinking to excess.

Another artist is Stanmaps who publishes a blog called Girls Getting Wasted that features artwork, videos, comics, and stories of women often with large breasts under the influence. More Information For more information about I. About Celebrating drunk, stoned, and wasted women. Group members girlsgettingwasted. Effector Theme — Tumblr themes by Pixel Union.

Drunk fetish stories

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