Doggi style sex position

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If you think doggy style can't be intimate, you should take another look. Here, sex educators share all the things the doggy style sex position has going for it. Serious question: What's more pleasurable, a colonoscopy or doggy style sex? Some vulva-owners — especially those who are far too familiar with the jack rabbit-speed doggy style sex — will probably tell you both lack romance, intimacy, and comfort.

Thing is, facing away from each other isn't necessarily a bad thing, she says. If you ever feel self-conscious about the face you make during sex, doggy style sex can make you feel free to let loose, explains McLaughlin. Plus, "if you rule out doggy style sex, you can really miss out on some of the great potential benefits of the position" like G-spot and A-spot stimulation , breast play, and more , she says.

That's why, if you've got a ready and willing partner, you can make some tweaks to the doggy style sex position and give it another shot. Ed, the resident sex expert for My First Blush share everything they know about doggy style sex, including eight reasons to put the position back in rotation. Let's start with a quick refresher: "Doggy style is when one partner is positioned behind the other and penetrates their vagina or anus from behind, using a toy, penis, or finger," says McLaughlin.

Typically, this happens with the receiving partner positioned in a hands-and-knees stance on all fours. But you've actually got options. Ready for more intel on the OG sex position? Keep reading for reasons why doggy style sex is soooo good. You've probably heard you can find this spot by making a come-hither stroking motion with your fingers inside your vagina—this is true.

But it can also be stimulated through doggy style sex. So, let your upper-body relax and ask to have your partner thrust slow and shallow. Remember, the G-spot is only an inch or two or three inside the vaginal wall, so no need to go drilling for treasure. If not, dropping onto your elbows will open you up even more and allow your partner to plunge deeper into your body, she suggests. Another option: Lay flat on your tummy and have your partner lie on top of you, like two stacked pancakes. According to McLaughlin, some people may experience an "A-spot orgasm" from very deep penetration, while others may have a blended orgasm if they combine this sensation with some clitoral attention.

If you feel nervous about giving doggy style sex a go specifically because you find deep penetration uncomfortable or even painful , good news: "There are ways to enjoy the position without all the depths," according to Smith. FYI: Anal sex should never ever be painful. If it is, you're not going slow enough or using enough lube. Doggy style sex is an equal orifice opportunist sex position.

Then, have them press the tip against your butthole and slowly apply pressure while you press back into the sensation. Why does it feel so good? Anal penetration can indirectly stimulate the A-spot. Her suggestion: Once you find a rhythm, rub your clitoris or use a vibrator. Stimulating your clitoris will enhance your enjoyment of the whole shebang," she says. You might even try double-penetration, says Smith. Or, finger your butthole while penetrating your vagina. Doing do can transfer lingering bacteria from your anus to your vagina, which can increase your risk for a UTI.

Yes really! In addition to generally feeling ahhmazing , this type of oral play before sex can help make the doggy style sex position or any sex position , for that matter more enjoyable. The vagina naturally expands as you get aroused, so foreplay is imperative for pleasure, she says. Look, you might not know it from watching doggy style porn, but doggy style sex can be more connected than carnal. Make it more intimate still by laying flat on the bed so that every inch of your back is covered by their skin, she says.

You could consider placing a mirror in front of you, for a more real and raw twist on doggy style sex, she says. It's almost like starring in and watching an erotic film at the same time. Yeah, H-O-T. Of course, if you're craving something more intimate still, you can always return to good 'ole missionary. By Gabrielle Kassel Updated January 21, Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Save FB Tweet More. Bring your legs closer together: "The closer your legs are together, the tighter your vaginal canal becomes, the less deep your partner is able to get," she explains.

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Doggi style sex position

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