Do u love her quiz

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Please leave empty:. She's in my thoughts every day! No, who takes the time to do that? Not unless I remember something funny about her. Yes - sometimes very. No, it's her life. Not really. As much as it takes to make her happy. No way! Everything - her personality, style, looks, body Below the waist is all I want. Throw her a goodbye party and tell her the truth. Hold her and try to make it last forever. Say goodbye and see if you can make out with her before she leaves. Get her to stay at your house - you don't want her to go.

Lock yourself up with pictures of her and think of her. You can't live without her. Forget it. Cry out "No! I love you! I gave you everything! If you had a contagious sickness or disease, would you keep from hanging out with her just to keep her healthy and alive? Strong enough that I would die for her.

Pretty strong. I would cry if she left me. I couldn't care less about love. Comments Change color. Sofia I am a lesbian and if the girl i like is from my class sees this i want you to know that i like you very much. I'm gay! IM GAY! Robinnnnnnnnn I'm just here OvO cause i can be UvU. Leaf Im dating a girl im a girl i think i love her i really do!

But im worried that i dont know what love is.. Am i overthinking?! Yeah I give up. Johanna, I freaking love you. I love you. Just make it stop. Hayden Great quiz. Pansexual Person But what if I'm with a cool pan but feel like I'm in love with a hot pan? Hey Yesn't, I have never told anyone that I loved them but there is a girl I would kinda like to tell but I believe I can offer you some advice.

Okay, maybe don't go too overboard, just try to casually tell her your feelings, and try to look her in the eyes. If you are so nervous about this, maybe ask a very reliable friend to tell her that you like her, or you even pass her a note. Maybe also try to get her phone before she goes as well. I wouldn't text her and tell her your feelings, it seems as if you can't be bothered to tell her face to face. If we never did anything we were frightened of, we would still be in caves in fur coats.

Best of luck man. Any advice? I dont and basically this test is untrue and we are best friends more like sister and brother. Jeff I asked her out a few days ago and she says yes so I am so happy about that and I always think of her and I rly want to go back to school to see her. G I took this test knowing the :I love her but Delete this comment Cancel.

Do u love her quiz

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