Did batman and catwoman ever hook up

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Some people say love is a many splendored thing -- but for Batman and Catwoman love is a battlefield! Batman is immediately taken by her beauty, and although he captures her, the Caped Crusader feigns clumsiness to allow the Feline Fatale to escape. At the time, Bruce Wayne was still engaged to Julie Madison, but his encounter with the Cat left him so infatuated, that he mused about her beautiful eyes to Robin for the rest of their boat trip home.

This early mask looked like a realistic cat-head in contrast to the cloth cowls she would later become known for. Batman clashes with Cat-Woman when a criminal group known as the Diamond Syndicate contract her to steal jewels. Batman intends to arrest her along with the others, but Cat-Woman gets away by distracting Batman with a passionate kiss.

Although Batman failed to bring her in, the embrace gave him a brief sense of euphoria. First Batman and Catwoman engagement. Catwoman met Bruce Wayne in his civilian identity for the first time, when Elva Barr won a beauty contest that the playboy was judging. Captivated by Catwoman, and curious about her secret plans, Batman decided to keep a close eye on Elva Barr by dating her as Bruce Wayne.

He hoped that her love for Bruce would convince Catwoman to give up her life of crime. After a short romantic montage, Bruce and Elva become engaged. Elva soon finds out about Linda as well, leading to trouble. How does Batman get out of this peculiar polyamorous predicament? Read the rest of the story to find out! She released from prison on parole and gave up her life as Catwoman. Seeking a new beginning, she approached Bruce Wayne about donating the remainder of her money to charity, but as usual, sparks began to fly.

Selina and Bruce began a serious romance, but their happiness is soon tested when Catwoman is accused of being the burglar behind a series of thefts. Has Selina really returned to crime, and can Bruce trust her? For the first time, the two of them were together for romantic relationship that lasted more than a single issue. After this subplot, Selina never returned to her earlier days of malicious villainy. Stories afterwards began to portray her as a morally grey anti-hero.

Bruce is now back together with Vicki Vale, and Catwoman angrily retaliates. After attacking Bruce and Vicki, Catwoman is confronted by Batman, who is confused by her violent behavior. The way she learned this is never stated, but the knowledge takes their relationship to a deeper level. His fear of being alone is soon put to the test when Scarecrow causes Batman to believe all his allies have disappeared.

Batman turns to the only person left he can trust — Catwoman. After a time-skip, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle get married, allowing their Earth-Two counterparts to live happily ever after — for now! The Dark Knight and Feline Fatale try to enjoy a quiet date night, but they keep coming across crimes that require their attention.

As a result, Catwoman loses all memory of her partnership with the Dark Knight, and any knowledge of his secret identity. Before he became Batman, a rookie Bruce Wayne first encountered Selina Kyle one night when he tried to fight crime in a plainclothes disguise. At the time, Selina was a street hustler and she immediately leapt into action once she saw Bruce strike her friend Holly. Technically this makes Catwoman the first foe Batman ever fought.

Batman unmasks to Catwoman. Batman decides to throw caution to the wind and begins a romance with Catwoman that lasts throughout the storyline. Now the Dark Knight is giving in to his heart. Batman even decides to reveal his secret identity to Catwoman, but is everything what it seems? The Dark Knight temporarily pauses his mission to return Catwoman to prison and gives into his passions. Batman lets his guard down and allows himself to emotionally vulnerable to Catwoman in a tender tale.

As the story progresses, readers learn that Selina is serving her sentence because she took the blame for a series of murders her friend Holly Robinson had committed. Batman struggles to unravel the truth, hoping that his lady love can go free. When the night is over, Batman and Catwoman are forced to be at odds again, but for one night they were able to put their conflict on hold and enjoy their mutual love for each other. Batman is convinced that his first meeting with Selina was an encounter on a yacht, while Selina remembers meeting Bruce for the first time when she defended her friend Holly against him on the streets.

The story then jumps ahead to the future, where an elderly Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle have spent many happy years as a married couple. After years of conquering powerful foes, Bruce Wayne finds his aged body helpless against a deadly illness, forcing Selina to come to terms with saying goodbye. This comic is a must-read for Bat-Cat shippers everywhere, as it shares the story of their relationship from their first kiss, to their last. What are you favorite Batman and Catwoman moments?

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Did batman and catwoman ever hook up

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