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This 10K gold-filled Benrus mechanical watch is a remarkable vintage timepiece, with a breath-taking de that tells the story of a different time. Benrus watches have been highly appreciated during war times, considered reliable watches that paired a durable mechanism and a beautiful de that speaks of the American ideals and visual culture. Such is the case of this vintage 3-star Benrus mechanical watch , a timepiece that will surely get a lot of compliments.

This 10k gold-filled watch comes with a timelessly elegant gold-tone dial to which we have added a brand new black leather strap. Condition: Very good. Dial diameter: 33 mm. Model: Pat: The dial of the watch tastefully pairs a navy blue background with bold touches of gold.

This Benrus watch guarantees a luxury experience, carefully deed with every detail of the watch. The watch also comes with a water-resistant case, perfect for everyday wear, and glow-in-the-dark numerals and hands. In perfect condition, this beautiful silver-tone Benrus dress watch is one of our favorite pieces in the Benrus collection.

With a luxurious de, made to last, this Benrus watch looks stunning on the wrist. Furthermore, the watch comes with water-resistance, day and date display features, and Japan movement. Keeping time without flaw, this impressive dress watch for men or women is ready to tell a new story, on your wrist. Looking for an elegant vintage Benrus watch that will steal the show? This beautiful gold-tone timepiece might be just the right fit! This Benrus watch comes with a stunning gold-tone case and bracelet, and it's a great watch for both men and women.

It's one of the best-preserved timepieces in our vintage Benrus watch collection , and as you can probably tell from the photos, it looks quite impressive on the wrist. Condition: Near-mint. Japan movement.

Base metal bezel. Stainless steel back. Day and date display. An impressive Benrus military diver watch for men is now available in our collection. A rare timepiece to come across, this Benrus watch has all the right qualities to double as an elegant, luxury watch , as well as a highly resistant diver watch. This rare Benrus timepiece pairs a gold-tone dial with a metallic, industrial-style watch bracelet. This exciting mix of tasteful elegance and masculine de features is what makes this Benrus watch such a beautiful timepiece for men.

A luxury watch for men with beautiful gold-tone accents, this Benrus BNWW watch model is a remarkable timepiece. The beauty of this watch lies in the carefully thought details. With a silver-tone dial, the watch comes with a red second hand, which adds a sleek finish to the watch's de. Benrus watches are stunning timepieces that reflect their values and long history, and we're glad to make this watch part of our vintage collection.

We guarantee you will love it! An elegant black and gold vintage Benrus watch is just the timepiece you need for semi-formal, everyday wear. In near-mint condition, this Benrus watch comes with an exquisite de, which makes it beautifully shine on the wrist. With reliable Japanese movement, water-resistance, and a luxurious finish, this watch could be your new, favorite time-teller! The ultimate Benrus wristwatch for him , this elegant timepiece comes with a masculine de made to last. This vintage Benrus watch has been preserved in great condition, pairing a high-quality Japan movement with a durable, strong case and bracelet.

This watch for men also introduces a Tachymeter feature, which is not available for most of the Benrus watches in our collection. If you're looking for a prominent watch to accommodate a men's wrist in most everyday wear conditions, this Benrus wristwatch will not let you down. In near-mint condition, this beautiful Benrus BNW watch for men and women is a gem to have around the wrist! Photos don't do justice to the beauty of this silver-tone luxury watch, delicately decorated with gold-tone touches. This stunning timepiece is the elegant dress watch you need for special occasions, but versatile enough to be worn every day at the office as well.

If you're looking for an impressive vintage Benrus watch , we highly recommend this piece. Glow-in-the-dark hands and hour indicators. A RARE automatic Benrus watch is now part of our vintage collection , and we're glad to introduce you to such an impressive timepiece. Benrus has started out in the s by casing Swiss-made movements in beautiful des that reflected the values and aesthetic of the American brand. This gold-tone automatic Benrus watch is a vintage piece that does just that, and it has stood the test of time with remarkable endurance.

A reliable time-teller, a perfect choice for automatic movement enthusiasts, get this vintage Benrus watch while still in stock! Only 1 piece is available. Movement: Automatic. Condition: Very Good. Date display. Swiss made. The glass of the watch will be replaced free of charge when the watch is purchased. If you've enjoyed our Top 10 Vintage Benrus watches for men , we invite you to check out the complete collection. We add new models regularly, so make sure to keep an eye on your favorite watch collections and to follow us on social media for the lastest news and promotions.

We hope we have inspired you to consider Benrus as a watch brand when it comes to creating your very own collection of watches. The models featured in this article are mostly affordable ones, for those who are just starting their journey. Benrus have produced some impressive, rare watch models along the years, which have grown in value remarkably over time. Log in up. Cart 0. Collecting vintage watches can be a challenge. The overwhelming amount of information, watch brands, various price ranges and numerous des, all of these factors may get you discouraged if you're at the start of the journey.

That's why, it's always better to start small and work your way up to the big guns. We start with the exquisite 10K Gold-filled 3 Star Benrus , the key timepiece of our collection, and we offer you 9 other affordable alternatives. Benrus watches are reliable timepieces with remarkable qualities in terms of both de and movement.

Let's explore together some of our most exciting watch models! If you don't know much about Benrus watches , we invite you to check out the short history of the brand we've put together here. Shop now! Condition: Mint Japan movement.

Condition: Near-mint Japan movement. The watch keeps time with high precision, and it comes with the following features: Condition: Near-mint. Duranite Water-resistant up to Ft. Glow-in-the-dark hands and numeral indicators. Glow-in-the-dark details. Glow-in-the-dark hands. The watch comes with the following features: Condition: Near-mint. Check out our complete Benrus watch collection! We have thousands of watches waiting for a new owner on VintageRadar. To keep up with the new models we add every day, allow Vintage Radar to send you notifications, and make sure to follow us on social media:.

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Dating vintage benrus watches

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Vintage Benrus Watch: Identification & Value Guide