Dating someone with cerebral palsy

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Dating someone with a disability is no different from dating a non-disabled person. If there is one thing the entire human race has in common, it is the ability to love and want to be loved. So, what makes disabled people any different? Sam Harris, a freelance journalist who has cerebral palsy , talks about his experience dating with a disability. Sam has been in a long-distance relationship for seven years and beautifully illustrates that dating someone with a disability has enriched his life.

Sam wants to address the common misconceptions and show the reality of dating with a disability. There are many relationships, including my own, where both people are disabled. Comments such as these can be very degrading, as it implies that a person accompanying someone with a disability is there purely to look after them. At school, I was often shy in social situations but I still had a tight-knit group of friends. In , I ed HemiHelp , a Facebook group for people like myself with hemiplegia to talk about situations they had encountered.

The group was useful as it gave me a chance to meet people with similar conditions as me and share experiences. Many of the posts were relatable, from not hitting milestones to struggling to function in the cold weather. During this time, I met a girl called Ella and I suddenly learnt we had lots in common — not just our disability. Like me, she was also a twin and loved football.

Strangely enough, she was born just two days before me, so naturally, we hit it off from the start. When I started online dating, talking to strangers online was quite unusual. I also had plenty of friends and family who were wary of my decision. In the early days, we would speak endlessly on the phone or on social media until the early hours.

After two years of talking to each other online, we decided to meet up for the first time. Rather fittingly, our first date was a football match between our favourite teams, Leeds and Watford. Overall, I think it worked out well that it finished as a dramatic draw! That first night we stayed up until 4 am just chatting, as though we had known each other our whole lives. It felt natural for us to start our relationship officially the week after.

At times, it was difficult not being able to help each other in person. We have had some amazing experiences together, including holidays in Barcelona and Berlin. We also attended the Para-swimming World Championships in London.

It has been difficult at times not knowing when we will see each next. The lockdown has made it very difficult to meet up, but we usually plan to see each once a month over a weekend. With Ella being visually impaired coupled with her anxiety and depression, this means she does often have down days.

But, it is really comforting that we have always been able to tell each other how we feel without the fear of being judged. Since being together, we have learnt so much about our disabilities. I feel that our relationship has been strengthened by our disabilities, which has brought us closer together. I have also learnt more about myself during this time, and how to adapt to others. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensure the basic functionalities and security features of the website work.

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Dating someone with cerebral palsy

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Dating Someone with Cerebral Palsy: Everything You Need to Know