Dating sites for psychologists

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However, if you think about it, if there was a best site or app, then everyone would use that one and the others would gradually disappear. There are numerous dating sites or apps available, catering to all kinds of needs, interests, and demographics. The major difference between these of dating site is the amount of control they offer users, in being able to select their own date choices rather than be provided with matches selected by the site. Therefore, see-and-screen sites are more likely to give users a feeling of involvement and autonomy in making decisions about date choices.

However, sites suggesting recommendations can give users higher expectations about potential dates, because such sites convey the impression that they are able to deliver accurate matches. Tong and her colleagues set out to examine the differences in users' impressions of sites employing algorithms versus sites using see-and-screen type des. Participants in their study were presented with a simulation of one of the three different types of dating site described above. Following this the researchers administered three measures testing:.

The explanation for this is that potential online dating relationships suggested on sites employing algorithms are perceived by users as being somewhat validated by the site. In other words, although users experience less control over their choices, they nevertheless perceive that they have made good choices because these have been validated by the algorithmic matching process.

Indeed, such external approval is often a ificant escalation point in many romantic relationships. Obviously, a further advantage of algorithmic systems is that they reduce the of possibly undesirable profiles presented to users, therefore streamlining and simplifying the dating process. Blended systems , which offer a combination of see-and-screen and algorithms, while leaving dating decisions to the discretion of the user, do provide a level of validation, too. Therefore, blended systems benefit daters in two ways.

Firstly, they reduce the amount of confusion and effort users experience in see-and-screen systems, but they also benefit users by giving them a certain level of control not provided in completely algorithmic systems. The researchers do concede that the degree of optimism and control reported online may change when they meet face-to-face.

However, we now know that married people who met online report more relationship satisfaction than those meeting offline, so regardless of the type of system, online dating overall seems a preferable way to find a partner for a sustainable relationship. A final consideration is that the type of dating site or app that is right for you will quite obviously depend on individual differences between people. In the current context, the type of system that is right for you may depend on whether you prefer to take control or whether you want someone to suggest potential dates to you.

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Dating sites for psychologists

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