Dating eric johnson stratocaster

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Search titles only. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Change style. . Close Menu. Home Forums Instruments Guitars in General. What year is my EJ strat? Thread starter G-delay Start date Jul 15, G-delay Member. Messages I'm having trouble finding out the year it was made. Appreciate the help. Love it by the way. Would have loved to had both but times are hard here in California. I used to have a American Deluxe Strat but couldn't keep it in tune or intonation.

Don't seem to have these problems with the EJ and love the maple neck. Sorry to ramble on. Thanks, Grant. John C Gold Supporting Member. Messages 6, You can't find the date of production on an EJ Strat from the serial ; there are only two ways to find the date of production: 1. Call or Fender; they should be able to tell you when and where the guitar was originally shipped OR 2. Remove the neck and see the dates written on the neck heel and in the neck pocket of the body I believe the EJ neck plates with the serial s are just kept loose in a bin; when one is assembled the assembler just grabs a neck plate at random.

Nice guitars; glad you are enjoying yours. Unfortunately for me I find the neck to be just a bit too large to be comfortable. Thanks John, Interesting that the plates are so random. I'll e-mail Fender for info first before I mess with removing the neck. I would imagine that someone, somewhere has tried to track this a bit - maybe on the Fender Forum or some place like that.

I know someone did this for the '57 and '62 reissues - they tried to get a "range of s" for a given year but there were always oddities that fell outside of the range. Messages 1, The year may be written on the inside of the pickguard.

Take off the neck and find out. That is a nice looking strat. I wouldn't have thought that a gold or is that a brushed copper - unusual pickguard would work on a white strat. But it looks great. I think the darker neck helps it work. Well done. I really do love mine. Especially how you can really get a nice nasty tone when you dig in and nice clean tone just by backing off a little.

Very dynamic and great intonation. ChmpgnSupernover Member. Messages 2, Does he have a model with a bound rosewood fretboard? ChmpgnSupernover said:. You must log in or register to reply here. Trending Topics. The Sound Hound Lounge. Is Gibson lying about like half of the specs on the present historic reissues? Started by fjrabon Yesterday at PM Replies: Guitars in General.

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Dating eric johnson stratocaster

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