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D is the child of C. If C is not D's son, she must be D's daughter. Everest was the tallest mountain on earth long before discovered it. It was always there. China is the world's most populous country. It's home to over 1. Peacocks are the males of the species and peahens are the females.

Females lay the eggs. Depending on the hours a person keeps, it is technically very possible to go 9 days without sleep. You just have to sleep at night. Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday. It is not celebrated in the UK. While low-fat foods are always lower in fat, companies usually replace that fat with sugar and artificial flavorings. This means that many of these foods are not as good for your diet as they are marketed to be.

Red is a warm tone. Other warm tones include yellow, pink and orange. This is an old trick question. Since there are pounds of both things, they both weigh the same. What we call eggplants, they call aubergines. The highest amount of people speak Hindi as a first language, while the most people speak English as a second or third language.

Lake Geneva is in Switzerland, which is a country and not a state. However, its state of matter is liquid unless it freezes. New Orleans was initially part of a large North American French territory. Europe and Asia are considered two separate continents largely for political reasons. If you look on a map, there is no actual separation between them. Regardless of the direction the wind is coming from, anything which falls will inevitably hit the ground. This is, of course, as long as nothing is in the way. Senegal is located in Africa. February is the only month that has only 28 days.

Every month has at least 28 days however. While eating eggs a day isn't good for anyone, eggs still have a controversial reputation even in small amounts. Even though they were declared healthy by the American Heart Association nearly 20 years ago, people still think they are a heart attack on a plate. The US was not founded until In there was no US and no president of that country.

A dozen is 12 items. A bakers dozen is 13 items. You can only do this once. When you subtract 5 from 40 you get 35, and 40 is no more. February has at least 28 days every year. This is not affected by leap year, every 4 years, when an extra year is added.

Just because he's a truck driver doesn't mean he was in his truck at the time. It's not specified in the brain teaser. Europe is a geographic region, while the European Union is a political union that not every country in the area is part of. You can only put one pear in an empty basket. Once that pear is in there, the basket is no longer empty.

The egg would not exist in the first place. This is because roosters do not lay eggs. This is a trick question. It is illegal to bury anyone alive, regardless of the state they are in. This one is an old trick that fewer people know than you might think. When the pancake's top starts to bubble, flip it. Even s can be divided neatly by 2. Odd s cannot. Two parts of a person's body grow throughout their whole life. They are the ears and the nose. While many European countries use euros, they don't use them in the UK.

In the UK they use pounds. Some Buddhists believe in one or many deities. Others do not believe in gods at all. You would have to light the match first. This is the only way you can light the other things. There is no dirt in there. If it was full of anything at all, it would not be a hole. If you took 4 apples than you have 4 apples. The of apples you took from is irrelevant. How much do you know about dinosaurs?

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Can You? Scroll To Start Quiz. D is C's daughter. C is D's uncle. Both are brothers. They are not related. United States. They are born from an older peacock's ashes. Peahens have them. It's impossible. They weigh the same. Neither weighs anything. New York City. New Orleans. Europe and Asia. North America and South America. Asia and Australia. Antarctica and Australia.

No one knows. Barack Obama. George Washington. None of the above. It was opposite day. He was walking. His truck was blue. He was very short. It doesn't. The Netherlands.

Common sense test free

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