Clubs for people over 50

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Social activity takes shape in a of ways, especially once we are older with more experience to offer and sometimes with more time on our hands. There are opportunities to offer our support to local Community groups for neighbourhood support, local sports clubs or entertainment groups like local theatre groups. We can find new friends, or a new companion if we have lost our dear loved one, with new communication options including, dare we say it, the internet!

Fifty PLUS! Becoming involved with groups or just visiting popular local or faraway landmarks and attractions can give us the opportunity to start talking to people and exchange contact details. Either in person or online, there are a of options to make contact with others with similar interests as ourselves. Getting together in some form of Social Club has always been part of the fabric of the community life in Australia.

From the Saturday afternoon footy and night dance, community support and just an evening with friends playing card and board games Aussies love to get together for a laugh. And it is still the case even in our fast paced society, there are clubs to cater for all tastes of activity allowing for the development of new friends. Through various circumstances in life some have parted company with long term partners while others have had the grief of losing lost dear soul-mates that we have spent a lifetime with to the ultimate tragedy and may now be just looking for a little companionship and simply looking to meet someone new.

The internet is proof that people love interaction, with thousands of people worldwide ing social s and dating websites and often outlaying hundreds if not thousands of dollars to travel and meet people. Australians, like people all over the world, love being involved in a club and there are thousands that can be freely and easily ed. Hiking and bushwalking are without doubt some of the least expensive forms of exercise and there are Clubs all around the country to help us get out to enjoy the great outdoors.

Or maybe team or individual sports are our desired activity then the Masters Games concept allows us to compete from community to national level at various sports. And if the rough and tumble of Aussie Rules or Rugby is now a little out of depth for your group of friends there is always touch footy or recreational footy to have a go at. There are many local and national groups who can use a helping hand either in direct work locally, providing content and photos for a website or by contributing financially.

There are many groups like those listed below who have local representation and you will likely find other local groups who identify local needs who can use some help. Just about every state in Australia has a few days a week or a month set a site for seniors. Some states call these days Seniors Week or Festivals. During this time seniors have wonderful opportunity to celebrate who they are and what they like to do.

The events have great entertainment, concerts, laughter workshops, health and fitness activities, walking tours, technology and sport, film screenings, social media workshops, cultural debates and much more. Disclaimer: Most of the photos used on AML websites are from our own photographers and paid purchases. Some are obtained from to the best of our ability known to be FREE materials websites. For any complaints about this site or its contents please contact: enquiries australiamyland. Social Club. Social Internet. Social Sport. Social Friends.

Seniors Week. Surf Life Saving. Meals on Wheels. Coast Guard. Rotary Club. Camp Quality. Apex Club. Variety Club. Lions Club.

Clubs for people over 50

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Social Well-Being for Seniors: A Guide to Staying Connected and Making Friends