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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and . ChristianMingle has a consumer rating of 1. Consumers complaining about ChristianMingle most frequently mention fake profiles and address problems. ChristianMingle ranks 14th among Religious Dating sites. I have used other apps but this one is exceptional, it has been able to examine to examine my work critically by matching each and every word carefully.

A Total scam! I received dozens of smiles every day from women all over the US and other conterys. I'm 53 years old and I know my playing field, there's now way on gods green earth these women would be interested in me.

Not to mention the numerus messages stating they have a friend "Not on the site" that is perfect for me and she's really into my profile and here's how you contact her, Really? Do Not this site! The owners of this site have lots control, just don't care or they are part of the scam. I was on this site for only a few weeks. At first I hardly got any messages or contact. Then in one week I was bombarded with fake s: without pics, vague info in bio, fake profile names and pics, contacted by many out of state weirdos. I felt completely unsafe and unprotected.

Christian my foot. They don't take care of their paying members. I got off right away. All of these dating sites are scams to get your money. I'm a 6'4" model, athlete, comedian, look like in my 20's and not a single message. I went to several different pictures of mine and they've all been rejected by their "team".

The one or two real people are old fat attention seeking single moms hiding behind pictures of themselves from when they were younger and middle aged husbands cheating on their wives. You could find one of the "real ones" in a cheap bar. Not the type of place you'd look for a soul mate. Although the membership was pricey, I actually paid for it so I could receive messages and matches. Unfortunately, I don't think the membership fee they charge is worth it because the amount of engagement your profile receives is very very low, or if none at all.

You will rarely get messages, likes, and views on Christian Mingle. I'm guessing it's because most people don't pay for the membership, which is too expensive! I thought using a Christian dating service would be better than others. Not true spamming, profiles similar, large percentage of no pics.

Spent money for nothing. Sent many requests And no response from Christian Mingle about any of my questions. I ed up for CM with the hope of perhaps connecting with a real person. The experience has been awful. What tips you off is they never have pictures and have a very wide range of ages they want to meet and big area mile radius. The ones that do message you are very obviously foreign as you can tell by their English usage. It's a big waste of time and money. Oh and I've seen the same pictures of 10 men since I ed up. Save your money Do not use this site! They will not Protect you.

They just want your monthly fee. My father is being unknowingly taken by someone that Does not Exist On their site and they won't look into it, because they don't care. I have proof That it Is a scammer and they didn't care. Ten days after ing, my CM was suspended for fraudulent and suspicious behavior.

Didn't share my password or use one from another site. They operate on completely dishonest non-Christian business model. If you don't want to put your money at risk, use a more reputable site. I think the site will suit people who don't mind travelling. I met my girlfriend who is from Ukraine. But she was the first to visit me. What I like is the fact that they have so many ladies and all of them are beautiful fit and and they have Christian family values.

I hope you will not be disappointed with this site as well. ChristianMingle is really not what they claim to be. They make money on gullible singles. They want to know your bank card detail so they can put you on automatic renewal. They are nothing more than thieves. They use bots and totally fake profiles to attract new users to their site and fleece them of their money. Good concept but poor execution. I used ChristianMingle in late and in During the two times I used the site actively, Christian Mingle had 10 times more scam attempts and fake profiles than Zoosk or OurTime.

In the photo is a common profile type. I received many contacts from profiles like these. They are of no value. One day in I received 21 messages that had all the warning s the sites give to identify a scam. In every situation during the two times I was active on Christian Mingle when I responded to a message, it quickly became clear the people were seeking to scam me.

ChristainMingle's marketing is excellent, its product is not. Buy hey, it feels great to think that in every state in the nation there are many women 40 years younger than me who want to meet me! I might keep my subscription for that reason alone nah. Tip for consumers: Stay away from ChristianMingle. From different holders with the same exact story "just bought a ranch in TX.

Have to go out of the country in a week," to the fact they live miles away - or outside the US, even though my settings are at 50 miles. Then there is the, "tell me about yourself, what are you looking for, how long have you been on the site, I have a friend who isnt on here that I'm trying to help find someone, here is his . I don't mind searching, but I woild never suggest this site to anyone. Don't waste your time or money! I'm not even Christian, just made an as a joke basically. Dating sites are problematic but at least try to make the website not totally suck for people who actually want to use it.

The set up is bad. I'm not surprised just confused. Tip for consumers: You're better off using Facebook for dating. This should be illegal! I ed this Christian dating app and immediately I was sorry. They allow members from all over the country to message me with 1 no pictures I guess verification isn't their priority 2 I said that I was only interested in a specific local area and age group.

I had men 30 years younger than myself sending me messages or smiles. Not even one word of interests or hobbies. Do yourself a favor stay away from this site. They issued me a refund! My was hacked on the second day. Tried to call but after 3 hours on hold I give. Run Forrest RUN. I have yet to enjoy 1 time of seeing my messages and smiles with out having to restart your site.

When using it, you can't scroll to the places you need to be without restarting. What is wrong with your platform? You need to fix your site. I also am very tired of having people send smiles without fully registering. I thought when I paid for your site you had some type of protocol to be sure participants can see each other and that everyone has filled out their forms. I am not pleased with what I have been seeing and the amount of time I invest getting to see what is on my profile.

You promise better, so live up to the promises. I would appreciate a followup! I cannot express how disappointed I am from this website. The only "free" thing I can do is like and send a smile, sending a message is impossible and I feel there is very little engagement on this. So actually getting a membership would be totally ridiculous. My best tip for you, don't waste your time on ChristianMingle!

This site USED to be good. Now it seems the only users active on it are scammers. It actually looks like the site makes deceitful profiles because a profile will sound legit and it will say the user was online today but then if I send a smile or a message to the user, that user does not even show up in the list of those who viewed my profile. I am not a 10 but I am attractive enough that my profile gets looked at.

While connected I get a barrage of smiles sent from men with the username "Mingler Those scammers should not be permitted on the site. This site will steel your information and use your profile to make it look like there are more members after you have deactivated and deleted your .

Christian mingle reviews yelp

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