Chicco happy snack highchair cover replacement

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To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer , and support Mumsnet. Does anyone know where I could buy one. Just got the highchair down from the loft - it was given to me by a friend after her 2 kids, then my little boy used it and the cover's a bit ripped - too grim to use for my little girl.

Googling just isn't getting me anywhere! Good luck. I have a Chicco Polly highchair, and after just my ds using it the cover was knackered, I have e-mailed Chicco endlessly but they don't seem interested. If you are crafty, you can buy that viynl table covering stuff, and re-do it yourself, they look fantastic if you get one with a good print. There is no need to go and buy a replacement cover!! I contacted the chicco office in the UK for replacement covers and they informed me that I would need to contact the retailer that I bought the product from.

Well it had been years since I bought the product, and I had no reciept, but I tried anways. Turns out that I am getting a replacement cover mailed to my house for free! Try all your options before you go and fork out money for a new cover. I hope this helps! Hi, I have just started making and selling highchair protectors.

I have 3 kids and got so sick of trying to clean the grime out of seams and stitching. Just replacing the old cover with a new one, was not realy goiong to solve my problem as I knew the new cover would just end us the same. Check out my site, www. It covers the seat and just as importnatly, the arms finally an end to using a toothbrush to try and get the food out of the s.

No wiping, or scrubbing, just pull it off and throw it into the wash ready for the next meal. Hi there-same as above really. Nothing is coming up on Google. Has anyone had any joy recently? Hope this helps. I contacted them 2 weeks ago. Already have a Mumsnet ?

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Chicco happy snack highchair cover replacement

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Replacement cover for chicco mamma highchair????