Cheap 22 caliber rifle

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From bolt-action 22s to semi-autos, these some of best rimfire rifles for hunting and competition. By Michael R. Shea Published Feb 01, PM. The wildly popular world of precision rimfire competition has knocked the proverbial dust off the old. Gun companies, ammo manufacturers, scope makers, and chassis builders have made huge strides in quality—and accuracy—in just the last few years. Listed below are the best. All would make a first-rate squirrel rifle or handily win your local.

There are no less than 67 Savage 22 rifles, but the Mark II is the simplest, and most humble, in a matte-black synthetic stock with a single-stack, straight-feed magazine. The button-rifled inch carbon steel barrel on the FV drives nails. Last fall in Kentucky, Hunting Editor, Will Brantley and I put a big hurt on the local squirrel population with this rifle. When my boy is old enough to chase bushy tails with me, this will be his rifle.

In terms of raw accuracy, this little. Check prices here. This full-sized. First, excitement: It has the same footprint as the T3 centerfire, so all the available T3 stocks and chassis would fit. Second, with anger: as its import to the U. The stainless steel bolt with rear locking lugs runs a short at 1.

Like the CZ and the Lithgow, the medium contour heavy barrel makes this rifle accurate, but also gives it great balance in the hand. Bottom line: if you want an accurate. Several made the NRL22 National Match , and it makes a great centerfire trainer with an adjustable bolt throw from the 1. The inch handguard is M-Lok compatible, and the trigger is decent. The barrel fits the receiver much like an AR, so it can be changed out with a wrench, and some of the best custom barrel makers out there are selling drop-ins.

If I have a soft spot for any. Mine shoots groups in the. This full-sized rifle is built around a solid three-lug, rear-locking bolt with a degree throw. It was the only Aussie. Check availability here. Introduced in , the CZ has been one of the most loved—and most maligned—rimfire rifles of the last decade.

This year, CZ updated the de and kept all the good stuff, while ditching most of the bad. The crappy trigger is gone. The new bang switch is adjustable for weight, creep, and over-travel I got mine safely down to a scant 6 ounces , and it breaks wonderfully clean and crisp. The degree bolt throw is now a faster and more scope-friendly degrees. The action itself has been cut back a full-inch and slab-sided to cut down the profile and weight.

It retains the same excellent magazine and swappable barrel system. For a couple hundred bucks, you can drop a new barrel into any of the or actioned guns—no gunsmith required—and many of the best barrel makers in the country are making tubes for it. But my favorite is the Manners-stocked Varmint Precision Trainer. Since , more than 5 million have been made and sold. Just like the AR, this. The Supergrade is the peak of his many years of experience with the platform. The barrel can also be removed from the rifle without taking the action out of the bedded Magpul X stock.

The most popular stock for these guns, by far, was the Victor Company Titan , which is inletted for the KIDD rear tang and second action screw. What many of these shooters saved on their rifles compared at least to a Vudoo they spent on optics. Nightforce scopes were widely used at the National Match.

Talk up precision rimfire shooting anywhere outside the U. At the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang every shooter from every country shot one. That could very well soon change. What started as a re-work for the 54 Sporting became a total rede. The locking lugs were moved from the rear of the bolt to the middle, giving it a degree bolt throw, and making space for a short, single-spring striker system.

The receiver is shorter than the 54 and has an 11mm dovetail and 3mm cross slot for an aftermarket pic rail. This three-year-old company out of St. George, Utah has changed what many shooters thought possible for the. The heart of the rifle is the V action, deed by engineer and gun industry veteran Mike Bush.

For example, there is no feed ramp. The bolt face captures the back of each round from the Vudoo-deed magazine. This way, malleable and easily-marred soft-lead. No nicks or scrapes on the bullet invariably means better groups downrange. It has a Remington footprint, so the vast universe of Rem. The Vudoo-deed match chamber is based on the general length and projectile shape of the Lapua family of ammunition. We participate in affiliate advertising programs only with trusted online retailers in the firearms space. If you purchase a firearm using the links in this story, we may earn commission.

The answer is, it depends—on caliber, velocity, and what big game critter you're after. Here's how to choose wisely. The Most Accurate. Want more of the Great Outdoors?

Cheap 22 caliber rifle

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