Build a craigslist type website

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Ben Sibley Build Sites March 29, With WordPress, you can create a beautiful and feature-rich classified website without touching a line of code. Not only can you make this site without writing code, but you can do it all yourself. No hiring developers or outside help required. Not to mention, all the awesome monetization tools that come included. Buying a domain name is simple; the hard part is finding an available domain name. While there are hundreds of hosts to choose from, I always recommend Bluehost for WordPress beginners.

I used Bluehost to create my first WordPress website back in , and these days, the process is even simpler. No installation required. The next step is to select a WordPress theme. Normally, WordPress themes are used only to change the style of your site and plugins are used to add new functionality. Lisfinity is an extremely impressive WordPress theme. In this example, for a real estate site, the are listed in cards across the right side, and the search filter options are available in a thin left sidebar. Visitors can quickly narrow down their search based on the zip code, of rooms, square footage, and more.

The ad includes an image gallery, pricing, how much longer the item is available, plus tons of additional meta information. De details like the colors and logo are easily changeable, but the layout will be mostly the same for your site. You might be wondering now if Lisfinity only works well for boats and houses, and how it could be adapted to other products, such as cars or electronics. Well, the Lisfinity developers have created an ad management system that is powerful enough to not only handle any type of product, but to handle a wide range of products and services on the site all at once.

The most important feature is the search filters. But to get those search filters onto the site, it means that every car listing needs to have data entered for the make, model, and new VS used status. Lisfinity makes this possible with its custom fields and category builder. Then every time a member lists a car, they simply fill those fields out during their submission. This functionality is the backbone of the site and Lisfinity handles the data way better than most other solutions. Beyond the category and custom fields system, Lisfinity has a lot of valuable monetization tools too.

You can create pricing tables allowing members to submit for free or any price you decide. Furthermore, Lisfinity includes amazing upselling tools. While members are creating their , you can upsell them a featured placement on the site. They get more visibility, and you get more revenue. Instead, it requires the WooCommerce plugin to handle the payment processing and foundational eCommerce functionality. This is a smart idea since WooCommerce is very reliable for handling purchases after years of use across millions of websites.

Lisfinity also has member dashboards, image upsells, and more features for a classified website, but I want to keep moving along with this guide. You can learn more about Lisfinity here if you want to continue exploring its features. I have more recommendations in this collection of classified ad WordPress themes. And if you want to add this type of functionality to your existing WordPress site without changing themes, you could instead add one of these classified ad WordPress plugins.

With your site online and Lisfinity installed, the only steps left are to customize and launch your site. Once your site is prepared for launch, you can follow this guide to begin attracting new visitors and vendors:. For a classified website, you should work on getting traffic from both social media and search engines. Make sure to encourage your members to share their on their social networks to help increase the reach.

Add social share buttons to make this easier too. To attract more search engine visitors, I recommend checking out these SEO tutorials , which will help you target keywords and optimize your WordPress site for higher rankings. I hope this guide has inspired you to make your site and get started today, rather than waiting or putting it off for months. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Purchasing a product through one of these links generates a commission for us at no additional expense to you.

Bluehost will auto-create a WP site for you, and if you up today, you'll get your first domain name for free. Table of Contents hide. Get a beautiful beginner-friendly theme Browse our collection of free WordPress themes Browse Themes Running smoothly on thousands of websites right now. Not sure where to start? Search for:.

Build a craigslist type website

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How to Build a Classified Website like Craigslist