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BlackPlanet is an online dating community that specifically caters to African-Americans. Members are allowed to socialize through private messaging features and public forums. Some advertise job postings but members are reminded that such posts are not being checked for authenticity by the site and they are allowed to apply at their own risk.

It claims to be one of the world's largest online community for African-Americans. Its goal is to provide a platform where men and women socialize for friendship, networking, or finding love. It has been operating for a while and is, in fact, one of the first niche social online community for black people. Does BlackPlanet continue to be one of the top choices for black community? Was it able to keep up with the fast-changing online dating landscape?

Find out more in this review. Here you can see how membership figures at BlackPlanet are developing compared to others. The news articles under the "Stories" section are not frequently updated, but these gather a lot of comments from members. Only the site moderators can post a new article here, but everyone can share their thoughts on it through the comment box.

The topics listed here are usually about popular African-American celebrities and icons, but other big issues like the Harvey Weinstein case and Anthony Bourdain's death are also posted here. Female members are more active than male. They always post their pictures, update their status, or comment on articles. On the other hand, male members like the chat room and the messaging features more. A "Not secure" prompt appears at the address bar of your browser when you access the BlackPlanet website.

This warning means that it is not secured to connect to this site. It alerts you that the information sent and received with that is unprotected and can potentially be stolen, read, or modified by someone. Still, it is the only security feature that they have. Creating an with BlackPlanet is easy since they only ask for the necessary information such as the username, address, password, gender, and date of birth. Looking for people near you is possible because you can modify your search based on gender, age, and zip code.

You can also enter any zip code that you want even those outside your area. Only the moderators can create a chat room, but they are available for everyone. The rooms are sorted according to age, gender preference, and location. People are generally friendly and polite during conversations, but job advertisements are noticeable. Almost all rooms have a job advertisement posted by a member. Information on each profile is scarce, especially since adding details aside from basic information is not required. You will not get an overview of a person's personality by checking their profiles.

You will need to get in touch and be friends with the person and see how they are like in social networking sites. Members like posting status updates that are open for public comments. These posts can be pictures or text about anything and appear on the "Discover" section. BlackPlanet randomly selects the Discover section posts that appear for every member. The most liked posts will have a place in the "Propped Posts" tab.

All the functionalities of BlackPlanet are free, even for the app version. The mobile app, however, has received a lot of complaints from users about the glitching and freezing. The app version looks like it has not received an upgrade aesthetics and functionality-wise in a long time. Members are not happy about it. The app version's button looks old and the response is slow.

Also, some functionalities found in the desktop version are missing in the app. I deleted this app three years ago, and today I decided to give it a try again. Here's what I found out: this app still glitches and it also almost looked the same way three years ago! This app is severely outdated. It needs upgrades. I can't see pictures due to them hiding halfway between the bottom of the phone and covered by .

It freezes up all time, and cosmetically, it looks low budget. Most of the video can't be skipped! It doesn't matter if there are a lot of African-Americans in this app, this app needs changing. I hope they do something about it quick before their other members switch to other alternatives too. Both the website and app versions of BlackPlanet need an upgrade de-wise.

It has been one of the first sites to introduce an online social community for African-Americans. It has been in the cycle for a long time now. But it seems as if the developers were left behind by the other sites when it comes to aesthetics and features. The buttons and overall de look outdated, plus the functionalities that it offers are very basic. BlackPlanet has the following special features that make interaction and flirting with other members more memorable:. Create love letter-like messages that can be embedded with photos. You can send as many as you like for free.

Know the latest story about African-American celebrities. You can also add comments on the news article and discuss with other members your thoughts. Check out what other people has to say about anything under the sun, just like in other social networking sites. Members can comment or like these posts so they can be popular. a public chat room and discuss to get to know the other members of BlackPlanet and find friends.

You can the chat rooms for free. It is an African-American social networking service. Its primary services include matchmaking and job postings. BlackPlanet's features and services are free. You can also download its app on your Android or Apple device for free. There is no way to remove the advertisements as of the moment. The video usually last for about 15 to 30 seconds, but most of it can be skipped. There is no verification process needed on BlackPlanet. You may log in to your after registration. Go to the "Stories" tab then choose the news article that you want.

Scroll to the bottom of the to see the comment box. Type your comment and click "post. On the home, you will see three of public posts for you to see: Trending, Dope, and Now. Go to "Trending" for the most-liked posts, "Dope" for the most commented, and "Now" for the most recent.

Click the username of the member that you want to message. At the top of their profile , click on the drop-down arrow beside "Contact. Instead of "like," BlackPlanet uses the word "prop" in its site. Clicking this will give you a result similar to liking. Under every post, you will see two buttons: "skip" and "prop. Web browsers tag BlackPlanet as not secure. The warning refers to the lack of security when connecting to that .

Your BlackPlanet profile will immediately be visible after you finish the registration. Other members can see your profile if you post, or comment on different profiles. There is not yet a feature that can control the privacy settings of members. All posts are public as of the moment. There is no feature to block other members yet, but you can skip their posts. This reduces the likelihood of you stumbling into their posts again.

Thank you for your question. We will answer it as soon as possible. It was a very good site back in the days but since it have been updated I dont like it anymore. Before you have seen more information and full introdu Now its just slow and i have different alerts and notes on cell than website. After 15 years i am searching for a better site - sorry « ». Better than BlackPlanet Thai Cupid. Last updated: April This is how active BlackPlanet members are compared to others. You get a personal profile which you can fill out Majority of users post their photos in the Discovery section.

You will not see the list of online members. The site's main target population are African-American singles. Non-black people can still BlackPlanet. The "Stories" feature is active. A new member only has to fill out necessary personal information.

It takes less than two minutes to finish creating the profile. You may a profile photo during registration, but it is not required. The registration shows a "Not Secure" warning from the web browser. There is a free search tool. All messaging features are free. You can post a message like in a bulletin board where people can add comments.

Black planet dating app

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