Black female Denver student

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Back to Article Listing. In , the University of Denver saw its second black female student graduate. Her name was Grace Mabel Andrews. Andrews was born in Missouri in She had two younger siblings, Jesse and Clyde, and her father died before her 15th birthday. She majored in Latin, minored in French and economics, and found community in church at Shorter AME, where she was a practicing Methodist.

Andrews used her degree to become a teacher, educating students in Tulsa and Kansas City. According to the Colorado Statesman, all of Denver knew and loved Andrews, and her words that day in front of her congregation had many holding back tears. In summer , Crowe used her week sabbatical to reconstruct the stories of every black woman who attended DU between and Almost every woman had gone on to become a teacher, and most had to leave Colorado just to find schools willing to hire black teachers.

It reminds us that changes can be made. It reminds us not to quit. It reminds us to stay focused. It reminds us that black women can make a difference. It gives power and validation to our experiences in higher ed. The exhibit had its initial run in spring in the Anderson Academic Commons, before being moved to Ruffatto Hall. Current Students. Newman Center. Ritchie Center. Cable Center. Museum of Anthropology. Vicki Myhren Gallery. Evans Chapel Weddings. Author s Alyssa Hurst Writer. Writer" Alyssa.

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Black female Denver student

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