Bill williamson rampage true story

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Now Search Community. Just watched all three Ram Films back to back. While the killing was complete fantasy the message rings truth. Of the three films, Ram Capital Punishment has the most ificant message. What I have to say is important. And I had to kill a lot of people and I will get killed myself to get my message to you. So I made the decision to value your interest how ever my life. I wanna make you wake up and change.

But before I tell you what I think you should do, I want to give you the facts. And I mean it, the facts. Should give us much needed information to protect democracy, get hunted and prosecuted by the US government. The US government is funded by the rich, and likes to keep people in the dark, ignorant and the brain level of children. They make sure people are busy, making money to survive, to take care of their family, their house, their lawn.

They want people thinking they are free, and have a choice, gonna do whatever they want, but they can't. The people that are representing you are bought and paid for to keep you stupid. In your small stupid little world. How can there be no gun control, even though there are monthly massacres? In the USA people are shot every year. In the UK it's only Because the UK People don't have guns. What I have done in the past, and what I'm doing right now is the result of no gun control. There aren't even background checks to filter out people with criminal record.

Why is this? So, wake up. Basically all of the developed world has health care. Based on the perfect brainwashing media machine. The Iraq war was a crime. Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction and he had nothing to do with al-Qaeda. But we know our friends, the Saudis financed the attacks, but because of their oil we don't do anything against them.

Instead we send soldiers to die in countries that has nothing to do with domestic terror attacks. Why didn't Obama file charges against the Bush government? Bush cost the taxpayers hundreds of billions and committed war crimes. Why is Obama not doing anything about that? Because he is also paid and a member of the club. More migrants got deported under Obama than under any other president. Why didn't he close Guantanamo Bay where prisoners sit without charges, evidence proved or a court case for over 13 years now?

He did not veto the Detainee Provisions and the National Defense Authorization act which codify the indefinite detention of people including Americans without trial. We have a constitutional crisis in the United States. We now have a rogue state. It is a violation of international law. A violation of Magna Carta, that goes back years with what our sense of justice means. Obama should be charged for that and he should go to jail. Speaking of jail People go to jail because they have ten grams of cocaine in their pockets.

Half of the prisoners are in jail for drug possession, and more than half of them are black. Why does this absurd situation not get changed? I'll tell you why. Because Washington gets paid to keep it going by the prison industry lobby. Why don't the rich pop stars and film stars and white stockbrokers who use speed The guy is totally right. I need to acquire him as a TV talk show host. Do you think because the Morgans, the Gettys, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers and other criminal azzholes who founded America and did something good with their charities, but You overlook that they stole all their money and they never should have been rich in the first place.

What I want from you, the crowd, is this, okay? I want you to change the world, and don't think that this is going to happen peaceful, or you can do it alone. We need to kill the rich. You get out there. You use your weapons. You rip Washington apart. You hunt down the billionaires, the big bosses, the CEOs, the scumbags, the liars, the governors, the lobbyists, the senators. Because they're all the same.

You hang them from the first tree that you can find. We need a We need a reboot. We are actually nationwide. We have the best ratings ever. I mean we are now on the map. Everywhere, everybody knows us. We need to destroy that system. But I cannot do this work alone. I need you now. We need to do this together, okay. So I thank you, in advance, for your help.

Thank you. That's pretty good, right? If I ran for President, I would win, right? You understand what I'm talking about here? How each and everyone of you can change the world? We can change it together! Now you starting to get it, right? Now you starting to get it.

There are some keywords like Obama, Prison, Gun Control that normally sets off a storm of hatred? The first film focused on over-population, complacency and ineptitude. The lies people tell themselves delusional mindset of the people instead of doing something about the problem The third film focused on removing political leaders. How the government used Williamson's action to attack their enemies. How the press tried to justify those attacks. How the govt disregarded the information that confirms Isis was not the killer to launch their attacks on their enemies.

The random killing of people, while completely fantasy, represents an extreme action which is what may be needed to make change. Maybe not that way but some type of extreme action will be needed. Something needs to be done that wakes people up and gets them to start Doing something about it. Words are falling on deaf ears. I know I can only speak for myself but I dont understand the topic, are you asking us to rate the film, or compare it to real life?

Im not sure what you're asking Tom? The 'system' works. They don't have a clue. If it hurts to wake up, people prefer to stay asleep. Dis-education has won! Pity the future. I see where you're going with this now Somethings I agree with and somethings I don't. Over population is one of those overused words in my opinion, there are so many places that are unlivable due to geography, conflicts,weather condition, economic conditions, political conditions.

But there are places that can take in more people but the political and economic structure makes it impossible.

Bill williamson rampage true story

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