Best area to stay in bangkok for tourists

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Being the capital of Thailand, Bangkok has made a name for itself globally from being a financial city to being a party hub and everything in between. Bangkok is also considered as the gateway city to the beautiful islands in the country which is extremely popular with travellers as a pit-stop. I often find myself thinking about what I enjoyed more — the shopping, the parties or just being able to chill when I wanted. We will cover off all types of Bangkok accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Bangkok hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Bangkok, the best Bangkok hotels, best places in Bangkok to visit, the best places to stay in Bangkok, hotels near Bangkok attractions, Bangkok neighborhood guide and many more.

Need data for your trip to Thailand? Looking for a particular destination, see below otherwise you can go to Thailand Travel Guide to view current posts. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. The area around Sukhumvit is considered to be the heart of Bangkok and the best neighborhood to stay in Bangkok, where classy restaurants, luxury hotels, spas, etc are located inside some amazing and beautifully built buildings.

The streets are dotted with cafes, bars and shopping centres; you are never a couple of hundred metres away from a bar or cafe here. This is the best area to stay in Bangkok for sightseeing. Although the traffic situation might not be ideal, it is advisable to explore the area on foot else you might end up in a traffic log for quite a while otherwise you can head to the nearest BTS skytrain station. Below is a list of plcaes to stay if you are wondering where to stay in Sukhumvit.

Khao San Road was traditionally a massive rice market which was only metres long. Over the last two decades, Khao San has become synonymous with backpackers. The area is dotted with cheap hostels, dormitories, guesthouses, bars, cafes, massage parlours and street vendors. Khao San Road comes to life at night and the whole area morphs into a beautifully lit, vibrant market party with lights and glow-s all over until wee-hours of the morning. It is advisable to explore the area on foot as vehicles are not allowed to enter the area once evening sets in.

Over the past few years, the scene of Khao San Road is changing as more hotels are being built to offer comfort and luxury rather than being just a place with hostels and guesthouses. Almost every other spot in the area is a proverbial party place or a place to chill and meet people. For an authentic Thai feel of the place, check out the nearby sois as they are offbeat and less crowded. Since the train and metro system do not connect with Khao San Road, the only modes of transportation are taxis, buses, tuk-tuks and bike-taxis to get traverse from the area.

Wondering what to do during the day near Khao San? One of the busiest and cheapest wholesale areas of Bangkok is Pratunam night market where you can find almost anything you desire at rock bottom prices. Although Chatuchak weekend market is considered to be the best however since it is only on the weekends, the next best shopping area has to be Pratunam. With shops selling all kinds of clothing to fabrics, it is a hot-spot for businessmen and shoppers alike. Pratunam is open 24X7 but it is advisable to visit before sundown as many vendors shut shop after sunset.

The area nearby is also known for its big-ticket attractions and landmarks of Bangkok such as Bayoke Tower which is the tallest building in Thailand, Suan Pakkad Palace, etc. Siam station which is conveniently located just above the square is probably the busiest in Bangkok if not Thailand. A massive shopping mall, the MBK Centre is exclusively for electronics where you can find any kind of electronic items at a reasonable cost. The narrow sois of Siam is filled with bars, cafes, bookstores, etc to cater to every need.

To get the best deal out of anything you purchase here is to haggle and bargain as much as possible. There are also a of hotels in the area that caters to all kind — budget to luxury. Although the area is extremely busy, it is considered quite safe at any time by locals and travellers alike. The Bangkok skyline looks quite nice once the sun goes down as the big and small glow-s atop the buildings light up the night sky.

Albeit being within these big concrete buildings, it does not feel like an urban jungle like other big city financial areas. The area is well connected with the train system and it functions like clockwork. Once business hours are over, Silom turns into a lively and vibrant open market where street vendors sell everything from cheap clothes to lip-smacking street food.

The infamous red-light district of Bangkok — Patpong is located here that attracts both tourists and locals. The nearby Sathorn Street is filled with accommodation that suits the needs of all budgets. Being one of the oldest districts of Bangkok, Chinatown was first visited by Chinese traders in 18 th century and they have been here since then. Amidst perpetual Bangkok traffic, bright neon lights, traditional Chinese architecture, beautiful temples, street vendors lines up along the main Yaowarat road and the sidewalks.

Among steamy carts with fresh local specialties and stalls with fruit juices, it feels very alive and connected to the city. The district of Chinatown is the place in Bangkok to shop for gold and gold jewellery. If jewellery hunting is not your forte then the year-old tradition of Chinese community is sure to charm you. Watching the locals offer prayers at the beautiful temples and shrines does have a sense of peacefulness and tranquillity in itself.

A peek into some of the traditional Chinese pharmacies that is still prevalent and often crowded goes to show the of faith people still have in the traditional way of treating ailments. The nightlife here can be described as non-existent so it is better to head out to nearby areas for a good time, you can go via the BTS Skytrain or a tuk tuk and. Local must-visit attractions here include Saphanthawong Museum, Wat Traimit, Pak-Khlong market are a delight to walk through, most of these attractions are within walking distance.

The west bank of the Chao Phraya River opposite the busy city centre is known as Thonburi. Being a little away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, the area is more laid-back and relaxed. Thonburi gives its visitors and guests a peek into the traditions of Thai culture which is rather calming and peaceful. To explore the area where canals are dominant, age-old boats are always at your disposal which is also one of the popular tourist activity. The floating markets here are a sight to behold with vendors selling their merchandise from their Thai longtail boats.

The preferred mode of transportation by the locals on this side of the river is a bicycle. Residents here are extremely warm and welcoming to tourists and also invite them into their homes to relax and share a meal. Since the Skytrain is not quite connected to Thonburi, people mostly get by using tuk-tuks and boats. Save Save. Travelling King is the destination hotspot for the wannabe traveller! Showcasing affordable, luxurious getaways for the budget conscious! With the combination of my financial knowledge and travelling experiences I aim to show you, with a little planning, the right budget and a realistic goal you can fulfil your travel fantasies and explore the world whatever your budget or desires may be!

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Best area to stay in bangkok for tourists

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