Beautiful woman at Honolulu cdp on rd

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We are all connected in a greater story, shaped by the legacies of the women before us and honoring their influence by paying it forward to the next generation. Would you like to celebrate a woman who has inspired you? or on the button below to send us a photo of your inspiring woman and answer the following quick questions:. W hy does this woman inspire you? C an you tell us a little about her? A nything you'd like to say to her if she were to read your post today? Creativity is encouraged! Grandma Teresita Perez was my first example of a strong woman.

She raised 6 children as a single mother in the Philippines, working as a seamstress. While fleeing Japanese soldiers during World War II, she watched one of her young daughters die in her arms from exploding shrapnel. Before President Marcos declared martial law, she brought her children to the United States and worked hard to earn U. Citizenship for her family.

Thirty years after coming to America, her granddaughter became the first Asian-American to become Miss America in Grandma, Maraming Salamat Po for your foresight, perseverance, and sacrifices to give us a better future. She was a kind, strong, loving woman who taught me what helping others is all about.

She loved and cared for her family, but more than that she was always ready to help others in need. Whether it was giving an elderly person a ride to the doctor or the store, or taking in for a couple who suddenly became homeless. Gladys worked hard for family and community. She had a good sense of humor and irony and a great laugh.

She was third oldest out of eight siblings and helped her mother raise the younger children. Mom, thank you for instilling the values of caring and giving in me. Thank you for the strength you exhibited and the independence you urged me to gain. I miss you! Diane Peters-Nguyen. As the first US Ambassador of Native Hawaiian ancestry, Ambassador Lauren Kahea Moriarty has committed herself to be much more than just an inspiring model for women wanting to make a difference in the world.

She has spent an entire career as a public servant working to protect US interests in Asia and beyond. Recently honored by the Pacific and Asian Affairs Council PAAC with a lifetime achievement award, she spoke to the high school students present, encouraging them to get engaged, consider international careers and aim high.

She is accomplished in her field, highly experienced, widely sought for advice and counsel by senior officials all over the world. She also found time to raise a family. My dear sister, I am so proud of you! Tina Turner dared to dream beyond a tragic and abusive past to become a symbol of strength, survival, and global success. She was not afraid to seek support from her network when she knew she needed a change, and she used meditation to connect to a higher source for guidance.

This woman knows no limitations! After leaving her musical duo career with an abusive husband, she went solo and became a 4x Grammy Award winner. At age 70, she embarked on her 50th Anniversary Tour and finally married the love of her life. Rowling is one of my favorite artists for complexity of character development and story line. Her books appealed to both young and old alike. Her character development is brilliant and her ability to take you to an nearly believable world of witches is amazing. What she taught me: Be inspired and passionate.

Make it real and alive to create a vision and story line whether you are writing or painting. My great grandma, grandma, and mom inspire me because they are strong and independent. Each woman helped to shape the other - I owe who I am today to them. Thank you for shaping me into the woman I am today.

Throughout my career, anytime I had a student that was needing extra academic attention, I remembered her and reached out to help them. She was my French teacher my junior year of college at the University of Rhode Island in I had ly failed French 3 two times! I needed to pass this class so I could move on with my degree. I was so discouraged and stopped going to class. She called me at home to ask why I had not been to class. I told Mrs. I went back to class and passed and was able to get my teaching certificate. In my teaching career, I always have remembered how you helped me and made that extra effort.

If you had not done that for me, I would never have been able to become a teacher. She taught me how to show kindness, no matter the color of our skin. My Mother was beautiful, sweet, strong, loving, creative, artistic, funny as heck on the down-low, musically talented and very stern at times. She was tall, broad and loved her Hawaiian culture. She took good care of her children and my father. A very humble and great woman of God. She created projects that to this day are still active. In her sickness, she had to have her left leg amputated. In spite of her disability, she cooked, cleaned, ironed, made sure all the grandchildren was taken care of before bed.

She had a high melodious voice that could make your knees weak and heart melt when she sings. To this day, I can still hear it clear in my heart and mind. I admired how she loved my father and how she put everyone else first. She taught me how to play the ukulele and sew. Thank you. I wish I could be a leader that you were. I wish you were here so I could hold your hand and lay my head on your shoulder and hear you talk and sing again. I miss you. Adriene Mishler is a kind, genuine and down-to-earth soul. As most women know, we can be incredibly hard on ourselves and our bodies.

Adriene invites anyone and everyone to love and appreciate themselves and others. Adriene is a yoga instructor, YouTube content creator and entrepreneur. She started her Yoga with Adriene channel in and now has over 7 million subscribers. Although her home is in Austin, Texas, she has traveled the world to teach live yoga classes and meet the members of the YWA community. Thank you for helping me and so many others to build an at-home yoga practice.

It has truly changed my life, having improved my overall health and well-being. You encourage and inspire me and so many others to take good care of ourselves, our communities and our planet. I hope to meet you in person one day. Frida Kahlo was a feminist, a trail blazer and ahead of her time. Her talent and point of view was truly unique. Muchas gracias amiga. Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff are the two most intelligent people in journalism.

Beautiful woman at Honolulu cdp on rd

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