Bad online dating photos

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We live in a swiping, instant gratification world. And by best foot I mean face. You want to have the best pictures of yourself up in the first three choices on any platform. You gotta adapt. He thought it was about getting to know someone. Especially if WE went to all the trouble to curate the best pictures of ourselves. Remember that. So present your best self. Or a meme. Stop it with that shit, too. No memes, no sunsets, no blank spaces. You want to see the whole package, and so do we.

This is not a good first impression. Use a group shot later in your series but NOT as the first one. This gets an automatic swipe left for me. Throw that fun group shot in later, not first. Make it simple on yourself and just use a great picture of your face. Either or. Update your wardrobe, get a new haircut, start Jazzercizing. For chrissake, smile. Look approachable and fun. This is not your high school football program picture or a mugshot. There is no need to look intimidating, angry, boring or bland.

Have some kind of expression that would make someone want to get to know you. I dunno, look… interested? Like someone another person would want to get to know? It is not the answer to your prayers. Work on feeling great about yourself, as hard as I know that can be. Water seeks its own level. Like attracts like. What does that show me about who you are? Online dating is not a speed race. For the love of God, put some thought into your picture choices. Different angles, different locations, different events.

Showcase a slice of your life. Get out there and live it and take some pictures. No one wants to see five square close-ups of your face. Well, guess what? We can tell! Embrace who you are. Someone out there is super into exactly how you look. If you met someone in a bar or at the store they would see the whole you. Treat online dating the same way. Unless the focus of the picture is YOU.

We love our pets and want to be with someone who does, too. But you should always be the focus of your profile pic, and if you have a great shot of the both of you then you can throw that in later in the series, as well. First impressions, remember? Someone is going to swipe your pics before reading your bio. Even if you DO have kids, be careful about sharing pictures of them on a friggen dating site.

Their safety and identity need to be a priority over scoring a hot date. Is that really the best picture of you available? Crop them completely out or, better yet, use any other picture in the world. Find or take a brand new great picture of yourself and let the past go.

Some of these dudes are wearing sunglasses in every single picture. Are you Ray Charles? Are you Stevie Wonder? Are you legitimately blind? If so, then Go Team. But if not, knock this fucking shit off. We want to see you face and your eyes. Know what obstructs your face and your eyes? A hat and sunglasses. Just, just please, stop it. Even then, only use ONE of these kind of pictures.

We get it, you like to travel. One travel photo will get that point across. Are you a photographer? Use a picture of you taking pictures. In your studio, on location, with your equipment. I had no idea so many grown men were actually 12 year old girls. Remember that everyone is using these kinds of pictures. Do you want to look like everyone else and remain forgettable and lost in the crowd, or do you want to have a personality and stand out? Be unique, be creative, be different, be YOU.

Your first three shots are the most important. I saved my fun and funky pictures for the last few, a great hehot, action shot, and body shot were my first three. Here are my six Tinder photos, in order. Clear shots! Recent pictures!

She looks fun and different! It was mostly due to incredibly crappy messaging habits from prospective dates. Take pride in who you are and how you look and showcase your best self. Also, wipe down the bathroom mirror, clean off the counter, and close the toilet lid. Follow these handy tips and watch your online dating matches improve by leaps and bounds! Let me know how it works out for you. If you hate dating you might also enjoy these! Thank you for reading! Follow her adventures on Twitter and Instagram and keep in touch here. Weird Girl, thrift store owl collector, heartbreaker, lush, aspiring adult.

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Bad online dating photos

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Ladies, This May Be What You’re Doing Wrong in Online Dating Photos