Australian looking to marry an american

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Not affiliated with any government agency. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Australian marrying US citizen. Need help please. Posts Latest Activity Photos. of 1. Filtered by:. template Next. Danny Ng. Need help please , PM. Hi, I'm an Australian intending to marry my American fiance. It seems like I need to get a K1 fiance visa to get married in the us. However, it seems this takes up to 5 months to be processed which is a bit scary because I don't want to plan a wedding and fork out a lot of money for the wedding venue to then find out for whatever reason the visa is either rejected or delayed due to complications - I'm unable to enter the US to get married.

After getting married, I can submit Form I and then applying for a K3 visa to reside in the US as a non-immigrant while waiting for a spouse visa. However, I'm not sure how long does the K3 visa take to get approved. With 1 , do you guys think I should proceed with planning my wedding whilst applying for a fiance visa? I'd really like to be able to stay with my wife after we get married while I wait for a spouse visa. How long is K3's processing time? Tags: None. Planning a wedding can be a bit tricky with the K1 since the time needed from start to finish is somewhat unpredictable.

Then you have 90 days to get married from the day you enter the US, which theoretically gives you a nine months window for planning. The processing time of K3 should be about the same as for K1. I would add links to various sources but they tend to get deleted fairly quickly by the administrators. Comment Post Cancel. Since you would like to get married in the US and wait in the US for your green card, the best way is to take the K1 fiancee route.

However, with some variations, a K1 visa processing can take the same time and similar process as an immigrant spousal CR visa. With K1 , you will have to go through two processes, K1 visa in australia and then adjustment of status in US. While a CR visa involves only one process if you can wait a few months in australia. That is after getting married in US on your visa waiver. For a K3 , the marriage must take place outside US, involves filing of two petitons I, I and is tricky. You cannot change from visa waiver to K3 inside US.

For details on K3, go to travel. If you want to marry in the US, the K1 route is the way to go. Thanks all for the quick replies. Originally posted by wavedom View Post. Originally posted by peace View Post. Originally posted by Danny Ng View Post. I actually called the US consulate in Sydney and asked them whether I'm allowed to marry on waiver program if I intend of leaving the country. They said no you're not allowed and if I want more information, I'll need to give them my passport. I was like wtf?? Asking a general question - why on earth would they want all my personal details?

Last edited by peace ; , AM. You're free to enter on the VWP and get married as long as you intend to leave after that and wait out your immigrant visa in Australia, as peace said. You do not return to australia. What I meant was to get married in US on a visa waiver and then return to australia. Your spouse files an I and you wait in australia for your Immigrant CR visa.

I do not think there is anything illegal about getting married in US on a visa waiver, if you will return to australia after the wedding. What is illegal is To enter on a visa wavier w ith an intent to get married and then change to green card.

Last edited by Danny Ng ; , PM. I've attached a flow chart of how I understand the process between getting married in the US and Australia. Is there something I'm missing? Also, what's Form I for? Jessica L. Outcome So what path did you choose? Currently in same position. All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.

Australian looking to marry an american

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