Are you a chav test

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How chav are you? Do u look well smart in ur burberry Still not sure of your chavviness? Take our new chav test 2 and chav test 3 And try out our free chav wordsearch. Chav Test 2. Chav Test 3. Chav Wordsearch. Chav Horoscopes. Question: 1. Have you ever purchased something from Co-op, Iceland or Hyper Value? Yes No Question: 2. Have you ever worn Burberry check? Yes No Question: 3. Have you ever purchased a KFC family bucket? Yes No Question: 4.

Have you ever hung a pine fresh tree shaped air freshener on your rear view mirror? Yes No Question: 5. Is your mobile phone on a "pay as you go" tariff? Yes No Question: 6. Have you ever gone to Pizza Hut on a date? Yes No Question: 7. Yes No Question: 8. Have you ever eaten corned beef stew? Yes No Question: 9. Have you ever worn jewellery from Elizabeth Duke at Argos?

Yes No Question: Have you ever looked into Ciro Citterio for a suit? Have you ever eaten a pot noodle? Do you call your Grandmother your "Nan"? Have you ever bought fresh cut flowers from a petrol station as a present? Have you ever bought second class stamps? Have you ever knowingly bought own brand cola? Have you ever taken a Stenaline Ferry anywhere? Do you dream of souping up your car and getting a spoiler? Have you ever owned a pair of white Reebok Classic trainers?

Would you eat own brand baked beans? Do you prefer Carling to Stella? Have you ever referred to a sofa as a "settee"? Do you consider Jordan to be "actually quite intelligent"? Have you ever relieved a hotel room of its freebie shower gel or shampoo? Have you ever drunk a can of lager you found on a train?

Have you ever offered to buy a cigarette from someone? Have you ever brought a screw top bottle of wine to a dinner party? Have you ever referred to pudding as "dessert" or "sweet"? Do you own those socks that are cut off below the ankle so it looks like you aren"t wearing any? Have you ever removed a boiled sweet or gum and saved it for later? Do you know anyone that has been on "Trisha"? Have you ever referred to a loo as a "toilet"? Have you ever worn a football shirt while not playing sport?

Can you name any characters from Footballers Wives? Have you ever erected a flashing snowman or fairy lights outside your house at Christmas? Have you ever bought your lunch from Benjy"s? Do you have more than three buttons on any of your suits? Have you ever visited a Little Chef or Happy Eater apart from to use the loos in desperation? Have you ever cut out and used money off coupons from magazines? Do you have "tea" as your evening meal? Are the toes on your shoes square? Do you know any straight men who wear earings?

Has your mobile phone ring-tone ever been a Top 40 hit? Was your education paid for by the tax-payer? Yes No. Find out the here. Got a new addition for our chav tests? Take our new chav test 2 and chav test 3. And try out our free chav wordsearch. Chav Test. Chavvy Christmas! Chav Jokes. Chavopoly Links. Buy Chav DVD's. Buy Chav Music. Buy Chav TV.

. Funny Chav Pictures. Spoof Celebrity Endorsements. Definition of a Chav. Buy Chav Books. Free Chav Stuff. Chav Shop buy books, dvds and more. Yes No Find out the here.

Are you a chav test

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Are you a chav?