Arctic fox breeder

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Fox Breeders. Breeders listed by country then state or province. All babies are bottle fed in her home. I would highly recommend her as she socializes her foxes better than any I have experienced before. My baby was from her and I would recommend her over any other breeder here.

E-mail: julie juliesjungle. Broker He gets Fennec kits from breeders. Breeder of a few select exotics and rare breed livestock including: african crested porcupine, fennec fox, wallabies, wallaroos and red kangaros, bearcats binturongs , patagonian cavy, muntjac deer, truly tiny potbelly pigs, a variety of sheep and goats and other livestock.

Farm website is www. She sells hand-fed Fennec babies. Raised in the house with kids, cats, and dogs, babies are tame, and is allowed to touch her mother Fennec's babies at 1 week of age. Denver, she has Arctic Foxes and Fennecs.

She prefers you to call, she does not have a computer. Animals raised: Bobcats, Siberian lynx, Canadian lynx, cougars, Servals, black bears, wolves, fox, squirrels chipmunks, ground hogs and much more. Shipping available. Breeder of Fennec foxes, genets, pied crows, toucans, and investment quality reptiles.

We also make and sell unique animal art, gifts and jewelry. Offering hand raised, friendly Fennec foxes to loving homes. USDA and state d facility. You must be allowed by law to own the animal where you live. For mammals and waterfowl. She breeds rodents, foxes, raccoons, waterfowl, and exotic birds. Available foxes - Reds and Arctics. All kits are hand raised and well socialized. Kits are ready to go to new homes once they are weaned.

Before and after purchase support. References available. Can ship or buyer may pick up. Our babies are all bottle fed by us to ensure you will get a sweet animal. If you would like more information on our animals please feel free to with any questions or concerns you might have! Educational outreach program and on-site tours. Carla Meadors rkflucky13 sbcglobal. Offering hand-raised, bottle-fed Fennecs as pets. Handled to make good pets.

Will ship. Website: wildanimalworld. Dennis Epp is a breeder of a of different exotic animals. He also does educational shows about exotic animals for schools. He breeds Fennec foxes I have not been able to contact him in a while, unsure if he is still breeding. Help Us Save Foxes! Donations are highly appreciated! We have traveled across the country on our own dime multiple times to save injured, orphaned, or illegally obtained foxes. We also have run this site without asking for any monetary donations since Any donations help us continue to operate this site and help us offset the cost of food, enrichment, and help us raise money for a new enclosure for our rescues.

Thank you for your support, your donations help us continue rescuing and saving foxes! Social Media. For more cute pictures like this, check out our Our brand new channel here :. Disclaimer The materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.

Arctic fox breeder

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