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All recorded visitor data is considered to be confidential. Such data will be accessible only to authorized personnel and entities. This document may be updated from time to time; please revisit this in order to stay informed about our current policies. All rates quoted per family of 2 adults and up to 4 unmarried children under 18 years.

Maximum site occupancy at any time is 4 adults may include up to 4 of their children under During July and August, there will be no Saturday arrivals or departures. See our Cancellation Policy at the bottom of our reservation request form, below. Two night minimum rental on all trailers. No exceptions! Features queen bed and two double bed bunks. Click to view enlarged floor plan. No smoking or pets in this unit. Features front master bedroom, double bunk beds, living area slide-out with large dinette, and Cable TV.

Also has awning. Set up on a permanent site. With charcoal BBQ grill. Features front and rear bedrooms, slide in living area, and Cable TV. Includes a stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, heater, hot water, toilet, tub, shower, bathroom and kitchen sinks. Set up on a permanent site with charcoal BBQ grill. Features front and rear bedrooms, plus slide-outs for dinette and sofa and in master bedroom, Cable TV. All rates effective January 1, and are subject to change without notice. Safari Field This 2 acre grassy, open area provides views of Mt. Chocorua and is equipped with water and direct electric hook-ups for 20 trailers.

It is adjacent to the Field Bath House, and the easy-access dumping station is nearby. Larger groups may expand out into the field as far as they need to go additional 6 acres. Picnic tables and fire ring available. Seven of these sites have sewer and four have 50 amp. No size limit on RV length. Safari Field Group Prices: Minimum of eight 8 camping units. Meadow Tenting Area This area backs up to tall pines and is shaded until noon in the summer.

Tenting groups enjoy this beautiful meadow filled with wild blueberries and open views of Mt. Whittier and the Ossipee Mountains. Fire rings and picnic tables available. Water and facilities at the Field bath house. Meadow Tenting Group Prices: Minimum of 8 families or 10 individuals. Extrren are FREE! Call Laurie or Dana for a quote. Recreation Barn Equipped with pool tables, picnic tables, chairs and couches. Laundry and rest rooms in back room. Available for your group upon request.

Seats approximately 30 people. Internet hot-spot with password. Lending library. Pavilion Our 24' x 64' Pavilion is located at the edge of the Safari Field, near the Field bath house. Please be sure to reserve its use for specific times for your camping group. Group Day Use Our pavilion makes it possible for us to offer day use of our facilities for organized groups as described under "Group Camping", above.

Day use is available from May 30th thru Columbus Day. Day use includes use of part or all of the Pavilion, and part or all of the adjacent Safari Area, depending on group size, from AM to PM on the day reserved. Minimum of people to qualify for Group Day Use is 10 families with children under age 18 or 20 adult individuals. Larger deposit required on Holiday Weekends.

A monthly payment schedule is available. Discount available for payment in full before January 15th. Water The seasonal site price includes water from mid-May through Columbus Day. Electricity All seasonal sites have an electric meter at the site so you pay only for what you actually use. We read the meters monthly and bill you directly, charging whatever rate Eversource has charged us. Cost of electricity depends on what you have for a camping unit and how you camp. There are no seasonal sites offered on the waterfront. Spectrum offers Internet access and other services directly to you for an additional fee.

Decks and screen houses are allowed, but permanent additions are not permitted. Pets are welcome with owners who keep them leashed, cleaned up after and not left alone. A hour pay phone is located just outside the office, and Internet access is available in the office area.

Most cell phone services work well here. Exchange Work for Seasonal Site Enjoy a spacious, wooded campsite while helping to maintain a safe, clean and fun environment for your fellow campers! Workcampers exchange a seasonal campsite for 20 hours of work per week from mid-May through mid-September.

Duties may include: security; reservations, registration and store clerk; cleaning campsites, restrooms and rental units; general maintenance and repairs. Call Laurie or Dana for details at 1 It appears that the problem could not be automatically corrected. Please clear any field which appears below with corresponding instructions. We apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding. Are you sure there should be a space in there? Please do not enter a space character unless you are absolutely sure that your e-mail address is an exception to the general rule.

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Adult singles dating in wonalancetnew hampshire nh

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