10 ways to be a good christian

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We are all a work in progress and can most certainly become better. Ephesians tells us that it is easier for the enemy to destroy us in our infancy rather than in our maturity. This means it would be very wise for us to get past the beginning stage in our relationship with Christ and move on to bigger and better things. The best way to become a better Christian is to follow what I like to call The Big 4.

This includes fasting, daily prayer, reading your Bible, and staying true to Gods word. These basic Biblical teachings will help strengthen our relationship with Jesus. But how many times have you tried to get more consistent incorporating some of these things into your life and ended up not following through?

I know I have not always been the best Christian I can be. And I have a million excuses why, but it all really boils down to this. I failed to make Christ a priority in my life. Yes, I would still pray every night. But they got shorter and shorter by the day. Can you guess what my problem was? I simply had not created a habit of making time for God. Set your goals that will help you get closer to God and make them a habit. But before I get into how you can turn your goals into habits, I want to offer some examples of goals that you could have.

Just in case you have no idea where to begin. Easy enough, right? So here are seven ways to make your goals a habit and become a better Christian. Write out your goals and stick to them for 30 days. So maybe start praying ten minutes a day for the first two weeks and then go up to twenty the next two weeks. Set a timer if you need to. Before you know it, you will be praying for an hour and wondering where the time went. Ever have that happen with a friend? This is not second nature to you yet so be easy on yourself right now. Find a friend that you are comfortable with that will help to keep you able.

And if they want, you can keep them able for their goals as well. He created us after all. He just wants us to try. Our goal should never be to try to achieve perfection I mean it is impossible but to be the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be. Is your phone, TV, or computer keeping you from spending time with God? I use electronics as an example often because human kind has never had all the distractions that we have today. I mean does it really make you happy to escape reality?

But then I would fall short every time or it would never make me happy when I actually got it. So instead of just always wanting more money and focusing on that, I find it much easier to live in the moment and enjoy the little things which are actually the big things. There really is a comfort in casting our cares on Him. Our lives are in His hands.

And if we just let Him take the wheel, the drive will be a whole lot smoother. What are some of your goals to help you become a better Christian this year? Let me know in the comments below! Love this article? Share it with your friends on Facebook. Notify me of follow-up comments by . Notify me of new posts by .

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10 ways to be a good christian

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