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ISCP: Change Management Lessons Learnt 9

Jeremy Brooks-Martin

The use of ePortfolio as a learning medium in clinical nursing training 14

Kirsten Nielsen1, Niels Henrik Helms2, Birthe D. Pedersen3

ePortfolios, Physiotherapy and Professional Development in the UK 20

Gwyn Owen

Personal Health Portfolios: myHealthfolio 22

Michael Norton

Folio Thinking in an On-line Student Learning Community 24

Eileen Brennan, Renu Varughese

Dynamic Learning Maps: Embedding Reflective Learning in Curriculum Maps 25

Simon Cotterill, Paul Horner, John Peterson, Gordon Skelly, Tony McDonald, Steve Ball

At the Core of the Curriculum; Embedding and Mobilising ePortfolio Learning 27

Delia Muir, Christopher Murray

The Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on the Social Construction of Health Care Student's Knowledge 29

Niall Dew

Factors Influencing Error Reporting Behavior of Korean Nurses 30

Myoung Soo Kim1, Yun Hee Kim1, Jung Soo Kim1, Sun Kyung Hwang2

Employment & Employability

Mixed Methods? Exploring How an ePortfolio Can Support the Development of Employability Skills Through Research and Reflection. 32

Emma Purnell, Lynda Holland

Secure Exchange within Employability Services 36

Dries Pruis, Lex Polman

Evaluation of Job Fits as Part of ePortfolio 39

Vincent Cho, Xu Huang

Re-locating the ePortfolio: Empowering the Individual through an Employability Ecosystem for Lifelong Learning 43

Kirstie Coolin, Thomas Kirkham, Sandra Winfield, Stuart Wood

Career Portfolio Manitoba 45

Don Presant

Initial Education

Are Second Or Third Grade Students Too Young For Arranging An Eportfolio? 47

Ebru Hezen, Faruk Eromay, İdil Akhan

EPortfolio in primary schools. Using Mahara to enhance reflective learning and motivation. 50

Lorella Giannandrea, Marilena Sansoni

Comptence-based portfolio for primary education 57

M. Guadalupe Generelo-Perez, J. Enrique Agudo, Mercedes Rico

Higher & Further Education

INTEGRATE: INTerlinking and Embedding GRaduate ATtributes at Edinburgh 62

Robert Chmielewski, Tina Harrison, Nora Mogey, Jessie Paterson




ePIC 2011 Proceedings

What Role Does the ePortfolio Play in Higher Education? 65

Karen Blanche Andrews, Joan Dominick

It’s written on the wind: Capturing the tangible benefits of using a Personal Learning space 66

Sarah Chesney1, Colin Dalziel2

A Tribe Learning to Survive? An ePortfolio community of practice 70

Sarah Chesney1, Alison Felce, Emma Purnell2

A self-regulated oriented ePortfolio in order to promote 21st century life and career competencies 73

Alexiou Aikaterini, Paraskeva Fotini

Advancing ePortfolios as a Mode of Learning through Task Design 81

Gerd Bräuer, Stefan Keller

Making Learning Visible at Boston University: Bridging Transitions from High School to College 85

Evangeline Harris Stefanakis

ePortfolios in 21st-century Higher Education in the UK – What Do We Mean Now by 'Student Centredness'? 87

Angela Smallwood, Judith Wayte

Developing General Competencies Through Carpeta Digital at University of Barcelona. A Case Study. 92

Jose Luis Rodriguez Illera, Cristina Galvan Fernandez

A Practical Approach to Guiding Students Through the Transition from FE to Beyond 100

Philip John Perry, Lisa Danielle Webb

When Knowledge Spans Borders & Academics Transform: Valuing ePortfolios in a Globalized World 102

Eda Charmaine Villapando Gimenez, Ansue Jacob

Using ePortfolio as Web 2.0 tool to foster reflective learning 103

Natasa Hoic-Bozic, Martina Holenko Dlab,

The Elasticity of an ePortfolio Based Pedagogy. Exploring and Expanding a Work- based ePortfolio Model to Inform Use Across Contexts. 108

Emma Purnell, Alison Felce, Gill Outterside, Paul Hampton

Safe Enough to Dare 109

Charles Davis, Rose Schofield, Judie Taylor, Shevani Raichura

Designing eLearning Environments Conducive to ePortfolio Identity Skill Development

Bruno Kappes

Teacher Training

From trainee to newly qualified teacher: drivers AND barriers to using ePortfolios as an NQT 113

Elisabeth Barratt Hacking, Geraldine Jones, Susan Martin, Peter Webber

Student Teachers’ Needs Satisfaction and Perceptions of ePortfolio in the Context of Problem-based Learning 118

Stefanie Chye, Woon Chia Liu, Albert Liau

The Use of the ePortfolio to Enhance Future Teachers’ Learning and Teaching 119

Caroline Koh, Woon Chia Liu, Mingming Zhou, Stefanie Chye

From Trainee to Newly Qualified Teacher: Drivers and Barriers to Using ePortfolios as an NQT 121

Elisabeth Barratt Hacking, Geraldine Jones, Susan Martin, Peter Webber





ePIC 2011 Proceedings

Student Teachers’ Motivation in Doing ePortfolio and Their Learning During Field Experience 123

Woon Chia Liu, Caroline Koh, Albert Liau, Stefanie Chye

ePortfolio in German Teacher Education – Arrangements and Scenarios 124

Nadine Christina Scholz, Kristina Richter, Regina Bruder

Lifelong Learning, Personal & Professional Development

Utilising the reflective diary as a tool for continuing professional development: are new technologies the answer? 126

Neil Raven

An eportfolio based pedagogy for work-based learners: what we did and why 130

Alison E Felce, Emma Purnell

An Eportfolio as a Personal Learning Space for Work-Based Learners 136

Beverly Leeds

User-centric Portfolios for Lifelong Learning 137

David Paul Sowden

Developmental Effects of Key Competencies by ePortfolio System in Japanese Civic Learning Community Courses 139

Yoshihiro Tatsuta1, Tomio Saku2, Junnichi Yamanishi3

How CPD and Staff Development can be Combined in Further Education 146

Geoff Rebbeck, Paula Stroud

Non-Traditional Adult Students’ Attitudes, Social Practices, and Usage Patterns in an ePortfolio System Pilot 148

Kathryn Wozniak, Jose Zagal

Utilising the Reflective Diary as a Tool for Continuing Professional Development: Are New Technologies the Answer? 150

Neil Raven

Understanding the Students’ Experiences of ePDP and the Factors that Shape their Attitudes 151

Alfredo Gaitan, McMurray Isabella, Robertson Averil, Roberts Pat, Coughlin Annika

Assessment, Accreditation & Reputation

Assessment Portfolios: an Integrated Model-based Approach Supporting the Needs and Scenarios Across Users 162

Jacques Raynauld (1), Christian Martel (2), Olivier Gerbé (1), Claude Coulombe (3)

ePortfolios as a modern Self-assessment-instrument for the implementation of Lifelong-Learning in Higher Education 168

Cindy Eggs, Benno Volk, Willi Bernhard

Let’s start at the very beginning? Using eportfolios for recording and claiming prior experiential learning 175

Alison E Felce1, Shane Sutherland, Cathy Shaw University1, Jane Harvey1

Format Assessment Stimulates Creativity - In an Informal Way 180

Lise Agerbaek

ePortfolio Assessment 181

Gail L. Ring

Analysis, Assessment and Distribution Method in Social Learning 183

Satoshi Yamawaki1, Taro Matsumura1, Masataka Koga2

“The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts”: a JISC-funded Project to Evaluate Digitally-enhanced Patchwork Text Assessment in a Range of Subject Disciplines 185

Sarah Chesney1, Caroline Marcangelo2




ePIC 2011 Proceedings

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning? Using ePortfolios for Recording and Claiming Prior Experiential Learning 186

Alison Edith Felce1, Shane Sutherland2, Catherine Shaw1, Jane Harvey1

Developing social media and e-reputation skills 188

Professor Isabelle Gonon 1, Dr. Guy Casteignau 2

Policies & Implementations

A Nation-wide ePortfolio: Reflections on Ambitions and Experiences in The Netherlands 191

José Janssen 1, Francis Brouns 1, Harry Vaessen, Gerard Weijnen 3, Ellen Huveneers 4, Rinaldo Hodzelmans 3

Kyvyt.fi, a Finnish ePortfolio service 197

Eric Rousselle

Developing a national ePortfolio community of practice to foster emerging ePortfolio practice 200

Allison Miller, Carole McCulloch

Towards an Innovative Strategy for the Deployment of a Regional ePortfolio 206

Samuel Nowakowski2, Nathalie Bernard-Issenmann1, Isabelle Cherquit-Houot3

How Can We Make Large-scale ePortfolio Implementations Work? 207

Gordon Joyes1, Angela Smallwood1, Lisa Gray2

Campus Wide, Self-funded, ePortfolio Implementations with WordPress & Buddy Press 208

Cyri Jones1,2,3

Money Makes The World Go Round? Evaluating the Return on Investment of ePortfolio 209

Christopher Murray, Delia Muir

Large Scale ePortfolio Implementations – Introducing the ePI Research Study 210

Gordon Joyes1, Angela Smallwood1, Lisa Gray2


Graduate Student Identity in Engineering and EducatIon: The creation of an identity construct 213

Rachel A. Louis, Lisa D. McNair

Safe enough to dare: developing student and tutor digital identities through engagement with ePortfolios 221

Charles Davis, Rose Schofield, Judie Taylor, Shevani Raichura

Digital Myself: Developing a Virtual Identity for Personal Development 227

Shoji Kajita1, Janice Smith2, Michiaki Omura3

Reflecting the past, exploring the future – ePortfolios & digital literacy for history students 232

Anja Kirberg

What we know and where we’re going: In medias res on self-representation and identity in university use of ePortfolios 236

Dianne Conrad, Evelyn Ellerman, Debra Hoven, Susan Moisey

You Are Not Yourself - Exploring Identity in Art and Design ePortfolios 241

Mike Kelly

Designing eLearning Environments Conducive to ePortfolio Identity Skill Development 249

Bruno Kappes, Ph.D.

Developing Civic Identity and Assessing Civic-mindedness Using ePortfolios 255

Kristin Elise Norris1, Bill Plater2, Cathy Buyarski1



ePIC 2011 Proceedings

Language & Culture

Electronic european language portfolios and identity 258

Anne-Marie Barrault-Méthy

Portuguese Secondary Schools and the eEuropean Language Portfolio as an EFL Tool 265

Paula Rama da Silva


Creating a Competency Standard for Learners 267

Thomas Kirkham

Data Stores and Insecurity 268

Thomas Kirkham, Sandra Winfield, Kirstie Coolin, Angela smallwood

The Space in the Middle: Neither VLE or PLE 269

Shane Sutherland1, Jane Brotchie2, Sarah Chesney3

Life after Death: Resurrecting ePortfolio 270

Thomas Kirkham, Kirstie Coolin, Sandra Winfield, Angela Smallwood

Annex: workshops, Keynotes etc.

“Oh Lord Make Me Radical.... But Only if it’s Safe”. Stories of Hope from Further Education in the UK 272

Geoff Rebbeck

“ePorfolios” – a Tool for Oppression, Beyond Our Abilities, or Just an Expensive Waste of Time? 273

Mark Stiles

ePortfolios – 7 Reasons Why I Don’t Want My Life in a Shoebox 274

Donald Clark

Building Your ePortfolio: Adding "Voice" to ePortfolios 275

Helen Barrett

Designing Inspiring and Engaging Activities for Learners 276

Shane Sutherland

On Gazelles, Unicorns and Llamas 277

Shane Sutherland

Using WordPress and BuddyPress for Your School's ePortfolio Program 278

Cyri Jones1,2,3

Finding the "I" in PDP 279

Alison Rosemary James

Hands-on Mahara ePortfolio 280

Don Presant1, Derrin Kent2

On Practice of Lifelong Learning about ICT Literacy to Use the Virtual Pilgrimage System, “Ubiquitous Sugoroku Henro”, for Promoting a Daily Walk for Health in the


Context of Community Traditional Culture.

Atsuya Yoshida