Long and short papers!

Scottish Qualifications Authority!

Linn van der Zanden

YES - YOUTH employment support for SME!

Katharina Toifl die Berater®, Beate Dall die Berater®, Alexandra Bruckmoser, die Berater®

Franziska Steffen die Berater®,


6 9

Harnessing tools desingned to support teaching, to support learning! 13

Pallister J B UKAN-SKILLS project, Mayes P Teesside University

Integrating Big6 Information Literacy Skills in Project Based Learning: A Case Study in Higher Education! 19

Şirin Karadeniz Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technologies

E-portfolios for staff Development – Using e-portfolios for an ITQ qualification! 24

Neil Currant, University of Bradford

Easing People at Work into Self-Directed Learning: a New Role for Eportfolios! 28

Kat Wehrheim, SummitSkills, Stuart Wood, University of Nottingham / Leapahead

ePortfolio for Kids in Social Networks Across Generations, Competencies and Cultural Backgrounds! 34

Wolfgang Helmeth, EDEJU

Freefolio – an e-Portfolio and social knowledge management system! 36

Raymond Elferink, RayCom BV Mark E. Brown, Massey University

Implementing a trial of a scalable enterprise ePortfolio system at RMIT University: a case study! 40

Meaghan Botterill1, Garry Allan1, Margaret Faulkner2

ePortfolios as a vehicle for recording Recognition of Prior Learning at RMIT University! 46

Meaghan Botterill, Mark Mossuto, Callie Harvey, Laura Di Pietro

How to Incorporate ePortfolios into the Curriculum in a Developing Country: theCcase of American University of Central Asia (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)! 52

Sania Battalova, Sharon Bailey, American University of Central Asia (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)


Use of Video in an Eportfolio to Enhance Learning! 55

Harry Owen, Clinical Skills and Simulation Unit, Sue Skinner, Computer Assisted Learning Unit, Chris Carapetis, Computer Assisted Learning Unit, Cyle Sprick, Clinical Skills and Simulation Unit, Department of Medical Education and Kris Hayres, School of Medicine, Flinders University, South Australia

Exploiting tacit knowledge through knowledge management technologies! 59

Frank Nyame-Asiamah (Brunel Business School, Brunel University)

Use of an E-Portfolio to Support the Recording, Reflection and Presentation of Academic, Career and Personal Development! 71

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Evaluation of the Implementation of an ePortfolio System – Processes Versus Platform?! 76

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Using e-portfolios to assist with professional portfolio development! 81

Polly Lee City University

Interactive and Collaborative Sense Making! 83

Roy Williams, Simone Gumtau, Regina Karousou

Abstacts and programme!