S1.0.A: Building a Personal Learning Environment in the Web 2.0 cloud (part 1)                  3

S1.1.A: Building a Personal Learning Environment in the Web 2.0 cloud (part2)                  4

S1.1.B: Interoperability Workshop                  4

S1.1.C: VRM: getting control of your data and its economic consequences.                  4

S1.1.D: Building Trustworthy Architectures Workshop                  4

S1.2.A: Building a Personal Learning Environment in the Web 2.0 cloud (part 3)                  5

S1.2.B: Interoperability Workshop: Official launch of the Liberty Alliance, HR-EDU Special Interest Group.                  6

S1.2.C: VRM: getting control of your data and its economic consequences.                  6

S1.2.D: Regions Meet Regions                  6

Welcome Reception                  6

ePortfolio Research: State of the Art                  7

S2.1.A: Regions and sectors: designing eStrategies                  7

Model for ePortfolio-based Feedback from Intercultural Collaborative eLearning in Developing Countries                  7

Lifelong Learning in the Region using ePortfolio                  8

A study on ePortfolio and digital identity strategies to enhance and empower international cooperation in developing countries                  8

S2.1.B: Healthcare                  9

ePortfolios: The open source experience                  9

Using ePortfolios with health professional learners to develop their digital identities for learning and continuing professional development                  10

Implementation of Professional Behavior and a Digital Portfolio in medical education: using the model of Van Tartwijk                  11

S2.1.C: From ePortfolio to Digital Identity                  12

Avatar ePortfolio: digital identity in synthetic worlds                  12

Trusting Digital Identity in the MeAggregator™ Environment                  13

Digital Identity Supporting Personalised Progression Spaces (iCaboodle)                  14

S2.1.D: Employability and employment                  15

E-portfolio - a means to bridge the gap between the student's knowledge of own competences and future jobprofiles                  15

Employability ePortfolio: a practical approach                  15

Combining ePortfolios                  16

S2.1.E: Information system architectures and technologies                  17

PIOP: a second LEAP in Portfolio InterOperability Progress                  17

IMS e-portfolio specification in The Netherlands - Implementation experiences                  18

S2.2.B: Employability and Employment                  19

E-portfolio; use the user!                  20


S2.2.C: Personal and organisational learning and knowledge management                  21

Integrative Learning and Accountability Together Through Semantic Web ePortfolios                  21

ePortfolios at the workplace - a link between individual and organisational learning                  22

Connections between Personal, Professional and Organisational Learning: Suggestions for Setting-up ePortfolio Support                  23

S2.2.D: Implementation & scalability                  24

The Integration of an Institution wide e-portfolio                  24

From Educational idea to implementation                  25

S2.2.E: Digital identity                  25

Privacy model for ePortfolio                  25

ePortfolio and the wealth of networks: agents of change in lmodern society                  26

S2.3.A: Lifelong lLearning in the Regions: Implementing ePortfolio                  27

Transforming vocational eportfolios for enhanced employability in a UK region                  27

E-Portfolio Readiness in South East Europe                  29

A Portfolio for All: How eFolio Minnesota is supporting regional lifelong and lifewide learning efforts                  29

S2.3.B: Personal and organisational learning and knowledge management                  30

Digital identities in ePortfolios: the first-year experience in a higher educational institution                  30

Multiple purposes of electronic portfolios: a story of one Department implementing an electronic portfolio system for support of learning, program assessment and institutional accountability                  31

Development of “My Science Profile” in ePortfolio                  31

S2.3.C: Employability and employment workshop                  32

Creating e-Portfolios using Blogger, WordPress and Mahara and promoting e-portfolios with ZENPortfolios                  32

S2.3.D: Competency management, recognition & accreditation                  33

Introducing e-portfolios to support staff professional development & preparation for teaching                  33

The role of E-portfolio in coaching students in competence based learning                  34

S2.3.E: information system architectures and technologies                  35

BSI Standard for Submission of Digital Evidence for ePortfolio Assessment                  35

Beyond Standards: Towards a Crossroads Bank for Employability Data                  36

Open Source Portfolio Initiative AKA Sakai                  36

Date: Friday, 24/Oct/2008                  36

P4: Next generation ePortfolios: an international panel and open discussion                  36

Effective Practice with ePortfolios: Supporting 21st Century Learning                  37

S3.1.A: Regions and sectors: designing eStrategies                  37

Herding cats: collaboratively implementing e-portfolio systems to support life-long learning in Australia                  37

Mahara - Open Source for National ePortfolio Service                  38

ePortfolio for all: the Welsh story                  38

S3.1.B: Personal and organisational learning and knowledge management                  38

Building human capital during curriculum planning: a teaching team designs a student eportfolio task                  38

Eportfolio in teacher training: From small-scale pilot to faculty-wide implementation of electronic competency portfolio.                  39


S3.1.C: Competency management, recognition & accreditation                  41


Assessing teacher trainees with the use of a videoportfolio                  42

Using portfolios in competence assessment                  43

S3.1.D: Implementation & scalability                  43

The ePortfolio: From Strategy to campus wide Incorporation                  43

ePortfolios in Australian higher education: Policy and practice to support the scalability of implementation                  44

Indiana Jones and the Crusade for Large Scale ePortfolios: the Forgotten Questions…                  45

S3.2.B: Employability and employment                  46

Workm@p: CWI's employabilityPortfolio                  46

Introducing an E-portfolio to stimulate career skills. The company wide introduction of an E-Portfolio at the Dutch Ministry of Defence                  47

ePortfolio for immigrants: modular personal portal supporting lifelong learning                  47

S3.2.C: Personal and organisational learning and knowledge management                  48

Dancing around the Maypole                  48

ePortfolios for Developing Research Skills in ICT Engineering Disciplines                  49

Initiating Teacher Lifelong Learning through the Development of e-Portfolio Processes                  49

The Use of Evidence in ePortfolios: A Typology                  50

S3.2.D: Healthcare                  51

The Holy Grail of the m-portfolio                  51


Building an E-portfolio To Look In, Out and Beyond                  53